K-Releases: December 2016 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. K.A.R.D

The newest addition to DSP Media. I sincerely hope DSP Media doesn’t screw this group over, but I doubt that will happen -_- The members of K.A.R.D include – BM (King), Ji Woo (Color Joker), J.Seph (Ace), and SoMi (Black Joker). The group debut with ‘Oh Na Na’ Feat. Heo Yeong Ji (Hidden Joker)


2. B.Heart (비하트)

‘Sad’ is a pre-debut release. The group is set to debut this year. 


3. LOOΠΔ’s HaSeul (이달의 소녀)

HaSeul, third member of LOOΠΔ makes her debut with ‘Let Me In’



1. Starship Planet 2016 – Junggigo X Mad Clown X Yoo Seung Woo X Brother Su X Boyfriend’s Hyunseong X Monsta X’s Kihyun ( 정기고, 매드 클라운, 유승우, 브라더수, 현성, 기현)

누가 그래 (Love Wishes)


2. Eric Nam X Timbaland



3. Jelly Box Jelly Christmas 2016 – (서인국 , 빅스 , 구구단, 박윤하 , 박정아 , 김규선 , 김예원 , 지율)

니가 내려와


4. BRANDNEW Music (브랜뉴뮤직)

BRANDNEW Year 2016 – Better Tomorrow (teaser)


5. 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae X f(x)’s Luna ((신용재 (포맨), 루나)

그대라서 (It’s You)


6. Giriboy X Junggigo (기리보이, 정기고)

빈티지박스 Vol.3 (Vintage Box Vol.3)


7. Park Ji Min X d.ear (박지민, 디어)

닮아있어 (Look Alike)


8. HyunA X Jang Hyun Seung X BTOB X Noh Ji Hoon X CLC X Pentagon (현아, 장현승, 비투비, 노지훈, 씨엘씨, 펜타곤)

2016 United Cube Project Part 1 – Special Christmas


9. Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신)

2016 월간 윤종신 12월호 (2016 Monthly Project December) – 그래도 크리스마스 (Anyway it’s Christmas)


10. Red Velvet’s Wendy X Jung Jae Moon X Nile Lee (웬디, 문정재, 이나일)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


11. Mad Soul Child X Kang Hyun Min (강현민, 매드 소울 차일드)

그런 나 그런 너 (It’s Me)


12. Pentagon’s Jinho & Hui (진호, 후이)

2016 United Cube Project Part. 2 – 겨울이 반가운 이유


13. NC.A X BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae (앤씨아, 육성재 (비투비))

봄에 오면 괴롭힐 거예요 (Playing With Fire)


14. SMTown X Steve Barakatt

너의 목소리 (Sound of Your Heart)


15. Reddy X G2 (레디, 지투)

Thank You Feat. Cheeze’s Dalchong


16. LOOΠΔ’s HeeJin, HyunJin, and HaSeul

The Carol


17. Jessi X Microdot X Dumbfoundead X Lyricks

가위바위보 (K.B.B)



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