Happy Sunday #212

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Cape Hauy, Tasmania
Cape Hauy, Tasmania

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—> Checklist & Variety shows

It’s the same story last week – Kiralik Aşk. I can’t get the show out of my head lol!! Now  Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, and Kara Para Aşk have been added to the list, but KA still wins by a long shot. I finally settled down to begin KA from the very beginning, and I watched the first 2 eps with Eng subs. Damn it was just hilarious, it’s been a while I’ve laughed so hard while watching a drama. If each ep is 60% of the first 2 eps, KA will be such an enjoyable show from start to finish. Behind Your Smile‘s pacing is still pretty slow, but at least we now know the relationship between Xiaomao and Yiting. What I don’t understand is Qianni’s dad’s motive; he helped Yiting exert revenge on Lin Man, also helped her escape to Manila, but now he’s after her and claims he doesn’t want her to lose everything. I wonder who sent people to kidnap Xinyu, my guess is either Qianni’s dad or Xinyu herself. Oh oh and now Yiting is planning on using Xinyu to cause some major problem in other to lure Lin Man out of her hiding place. His informant told him Lin Man is back in Taiwan. Uprince series #5 – Absolute Economist is pretty funny and cute; the last ep will be uploaded on GMMTv with Eng subs this week. When A Snail Falls in Love was pretty interesting and the last 2 eps were pretty intense. It looks as if there might be a second season considering how the final episode ended, but then the same thing was implied at the end of Love Me If You Dare. WASFIL has such beautiful scenes with landscapes, one is tempted to check out those places hehehe! I rated the show a 8.5 out of 10. I was a bit skeptical about Jao Sao Chapor Kit the remake for Ka Neung Ha. I saw so many remakes go down the drain and I wasn’t interested in experiencing it firsthand. The original KNH had 11 eps, while JSCK was going for 27 eps. However it was really good!! The original was straight to the point, less dramatic, but what was missing were the ‘when’, how, and ‘why’ he fell in love with her. All of a sudden he’s in love with her, and I kept asking myself if I missed something lol! Whereas in JSCK we see the full transformation, more drama, but it has such a good blend of drama, fin-moments, and comedy which balances the whole show. Some side stories we could actually do without, but it was good nevertheless. I rated it 8.5/10. Most importantly, I think Amy Amika did a really good job portraying her character. I’m looking forward to Game Payabath also starring Amy Amika and Film as pranangs!!!

Movie time!! Mojin: The Lost Legend (Chinese movie) is really awesome, the CG were pretty good. The cinematography, acting and plot – all totally on flick!! It got a 9 out of a 10 from me.

I can’t miss my weekly variety shows. Running Man ep 333 was pretty interesting. I knew Kwangsoo and Jihyo are pretty close, but this ep makes me think there’s something more going on between both of them lol!!! Big nose brother is so sweet, during the polygraph game, the questions were about his wife – if he would marry her in his next life, and if the reason he goes home early is to eat dinner with his wife, he answered positive to both questions and the lie detector didn’t shock him ^_^ He was the only one who supposedly answered truthfully to all the questions. He is now a confirmed romantic 🙂 As for Kookie, it’s the same old story. Jihyo asked him if he still has feelings for Yoon Eun Hye, well too bad for him he got shocked and now we are definitely not going to hear the end of it lol!! Poor Jaeseok and HaHa had to take the ice shower *shivers* The crew even added more ice to the river; so evil of them lol! I like the heart-to-heart talk session!! Happy Together ep 481 was the best!!!! All the members of Shinhwa were guest, they are simply the BEST!! Jun Jin was able to suppress Myungsoo hehehe!! There have been very very few guests that were able to do that. During the Meme game, Eric proved to be an expert in the game. He was the first to answer all the questions, and he answered them on his first try. When asked to draw the last meme he was reluctant to draw, he wanted to play the game instead. For the meme he drew, Hyesung was the first to get it right. Eric hadn’t even completed the drawing when Hyesung guessed the answer, also on his first try. The whole ep showed how close they were to each other. Hyesung was able to tell each member apart with their cough, while Minwoo could tell each member by touching their hands. And of course they had stories to tell and many talents – Eric’s samba, Andy’s upgraded heart dance, dance medley and many more to show. It was an awesome ep!! I’m sure there was enough footage make that ep 2hrs long XDD. Gag Concert, funny as usual. Dissing of the president was pretty strong in Young President, and 1 vs 1 skits. The jabs weren’t subtle at all lol!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch 2 Days 1 Night 😦 But imma make up for it this week by watching both eps.

I had an awesome weekend! Hillsong Stockholm had Revival Nights and also celebrated their 10th year anniversary. Unfortunately I could only attend the evening service on Saturday and the Sunday service. They were absolutely awesome!!! The preacher for both services I attended was Pastor Carl Lentz, the lead Pastor of Hillsong New York.  

Song For The Week

What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong, I love this song! ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

The absolutely amazing, awesome, eternally smexy kpop legend!!

SHINHWA!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
SHINHWA!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Have an awesome week! ^_^

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