Happy Sunday #213

Image For The Week

Lanterns at Grand Bazaar - Istanbul, Turkey
Lanterns at Grand Bazaar – Istanbul, Turkey

Saying For The Week


—-> Variety shows & Checklist

Kiralık Aşk ended on Friday…… Although I’m sad it has come to an end, I’m still happy. The end might have been rushed, and both the OTP and drama were embroiled in all sorts of rumours but it’s still such an awesome show. Now that the show has ended, imma start my own watching soon lol! Qianni is finally back on Behind Your Smile ep 10. I was beginning to wonder if her role had ended. Despite Yiting’s denial, he can’t seem to stop the smile that spreads across his face every time he fully monopolizes Xinyu’s attention. I don’t like the feeling Xiaoyue is having, I hope it’s temporary. From the look of the recent events, Taiqing doesn’t seem to be in cahoots with Qianni’s dad anymore. Yiting has also made it his new mission to find the whereabouts of Taiqing. I began the 1999 version of Ngao Asoke, so far it’s pretty interesting. But goodness, the disgusting agenda Wi’s parents have for Bee. It’s at times like this the phrase ‘there’s no free lunch’ hits you….. And of course Lakorns have a different standard for repaying gratitude. I also don’t get why Bee keeps butting into Wi’s business. It’s crystal clear that Wi is done and over Mon, but Bee keeps trying to patch things up. I really don’t and can’t understand!! I’m glad to be done with Hapi Mari – I was so glad when she finally took off that wig in the last ep. I don’t think I would recommend it to anyone. Unless you are a huge fan of Dean and you have some minutes to spare, if not you can pass on the show. I rated it a 7/10 though. 

Jung Joon Young is BACK!!!! Although he was 2 Days 1 Night ep 158, he didn’t get to see the other members. The theme for ep 158 is ‘Sixth Sense’ – Defconn picked the number 30, and all the members thought it was a good thing. Unbeknownst to them, they picked an impossible mission; they have to mention JJY’s name 30 times lol! Poor JJY had to go hiking alone for almost 4 hrs since they only mentioned his name 5 times hehehe! Angelic Kim Jong Kook debuted on Running Man ep 334 hehehe!! The members pleaded with Kookie to just be 10% as nice to them as he was to his date XDD He almost ruined his date with his non-stop talking, but thankfully the members came to his aid. The members were also able to clear all the given mission making it possible for KJK  to have a pleasant and luxurious date ^_^

I will be attending the Chinese New Year celebration organised by the Chinese community in Stockholm. I’m looking forward it!! 

BTW, I won the calendar giveaway over at Neko‘s blog. Thanks Neko!! A big thanks to Shuks also, she was instrumental in this winning XDD

Song For The Week

Kiralık Aşk OST by Aydilge – Sen misin ilacim. The song totally puts me in a good mood XDD ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Wishing the latest couples in Korean entertainment lots of happiness!!!

Kim Tae Hee and Rain's wedding!!! Now imma wait for beautiful babies XDD
Kim Tae Hee and Rain‘s wedding!!! Now imma wait for beautiful babies XDD
BoA & Joo Won!!!
BoA & Joo Won!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

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