Happy Sunday #217

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—-> Checklist & Variety shows

Despite having started enough dramas to keep me busy for the rest of the year, I started a currently airing TvN drama – Tomorrow With You. For those who watch TvN dramas, you know their shows are either a huge miss or hit lol!! But nevertheless, when I see a new show from the channel, it’s always high on my priority list. Back to TWY, I’ve only seen the first 4 eps. I like the premises of the show; a combination of melo and time travel. It looks promising thus far. Another Uprince series down. I was expecting more from Foxy Pilot, but it felt flat. I rated it 6.5 out of 10. The next arc of Uprince series will be uploaded with Eng subs this week. Secret Love series – My Lil Boy 2 is finally making the well-awaited progress. Well there are only 2 eps left, so it’s expected. I’m 3 eps behind on Behind Your Smile, the show is losing it’s touch. Now I’m beginning to wonder just how many eps the show has – still 16 eps or has it been extended? 

I needed something relaxing, fluffy and refreshing to read, hence I picked up The Rice Pot Next Door (隔壁那个饭桶) by Jiu Xiao Qi (酒小七). TRPND didn’t disappoint, it wonderfully delivered. It’s super hilarious, no angst, the female characters are badass and wackos lol!! Highly recommended!

Amidst my wrapping up my internship semester, I now have some time to visit museums and go on some tours. City/downtown -, Söder -, and Sinister side of Stockholm’s old town walking tours; they were interesting, interactive and informative. I still have one more walking tour and a couple of museums to strike off my list.

My internship is slowly coming to an end *sniffs sniffs* 6 months really flew by. I’m definitely going to miss Stockholm, Hillsong and the most especially the group I worked in. I had an awesome and fab time!!

Song For The Week

K.A.R.D drops another song – Don’t Recall!!! ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Time to take a break from Turkeydiziland, back to K-dramaland

Nam Joo Hyuk!!!
Nam Joo Hyuk!!!

Have an awesome week!

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