K-Releases: January 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1.  Bonusbaby (보너스베이비)

Bonus Baby is 6 member girl group signed under Maroo Entertainment. Members include – Moonhee, Hayoon, Chaehyun, Dayun, Gaon, and Kongyoo. The group made their debut with 우리끼리 (Urikiri).


2. Varsity (바시티)

A 12 member boy group under CSO Entertainment. One-third of the group are Chinese and the remaining two-third Koreans – Kid, Bullet, Damon, Xiweol, Xin, Jaebin, Seungbo, Riho, Anthony, Yunho, Dawon, and Manny. The boys made their debut with Round One.


3. TopSecret (일급비밀)

A 7 member boy group signed under JSL Company. Members include – K, Yohan, Ain, Wooyeong, Junghoon, Yonghyeon, and Kyeongha. Topsecret marks its debut with mini album – Time’s Up.


4. DreamCatcher (드림캐쳐)

A 7 member girl group under Happy Face Entertainment. Members include JI-U (leader), Su A, Si Yeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon. DreamCatcher made its debut with mini album ‘악몽 (惡夢) – Nightmare’.


5. LOOΠΔ’s YeoJin

The fourth member of LOOΠΔ – YeoJin. She drops ‘키스는 다음에 (Kiss Later)’


6. Kasper (캐스퍼)

Kasper a former member of Play the Siren makes her solo debut with ‘Lean on me’. She’s an artist of DSP Media.


7. Kang Sira (강시라)

Kang Sira a solo singer makes debut under Chung Chun Music with mini album ‘Sira’. 


8. B.Heart (비하트)

B.Heart finally makes a debut after releasing a pre-debut song (Sad). The group is isgned under Poong Entertainment, and members include; Yoon, Tae U, Yong Ha, and Dong Won. B.Heart’s debut single – 필요없어 (I Don’t Need You).



1. Hitmaker’s LUDONPH YONGJUNKO (루돈프 용준코) –  [Jung Hyung-Don, Yong Jun-Hyung, Luna – 정형돈, 용준형, 루나]

도니의 히트제조기


2. 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae X Ben (신용재 (포맨), 벤)

Made in the VIBE – 서로의 서로


3. f(x)’s Luna X EXID’s Hani X Mamamoo’s Solar (루나, 하니, 솔라 (마마무))

Honey Bee


4. Gain X Jeff Bernat



5. Super Junior’s Yesung X Red Velvet’s Seulgi (예성, 슬기)

Darling U


6. Dynamic Duo X EXO’s Chen (다이나믹 듀오, 첸)

Mixxxture Project Vol.1 – 기다렸다 가 (nosedive)


7. Sam Kim X Loco (샘김, 로꼬)

Boys and Girls Music Vol.1 – Think About’ Chu


8. JC Ji Eun X Tae Hae Young X Dasona (JC지은, 태혜영, 다소나)



9. Gallant X Tablo X Eric Nam

Cave Me In


10. Punch (펀치)

SM Station – 나의 외로움이 널 부를 때


11. Masta Wu X Dok2



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