Happy Sunday #219

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—> Variety show and check lists

It doesn’t feel weird to be back in Austria anymore hehehe! It feels pretty nice and also warm XDD Yes, warm. It’s a drastic change from the cold weather I experienced in Stockholm. I even ditched my winter jacket, heavy shawl and boots for  jeans jacket, spring scarf and sneakers, that’s how warm it was on Saturday.

It’s been almost 3 years since I last read a book from Lisa Kleypas. The last series I read was The Hathaways series. A friend recommended her latest series – The Ravenels. The first book – ‘Cold-hearted Rake‘ was pretty okay, but to be honest there was nothing spectacular. I rated it 3 out of 5. The best part imo is the character development of West and Devon. Personally, I think West’s improvement was well written. I’m 4 chapters into the second book – ‘Marrying Winterborne‘. Apart from Helen visiting Winterborne in the dead of the night unchaperoned, which we all know it’s enough to damage her reputation, there isn’t much going on yet. I like the fact that Helen is finally taking matters in her hands. She’s been sheltered for too long.


Thanks to her friend I ended up watching something disturbing during the week. A 2015 documentary on Scientology – Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. The level of BS is just incredibly high!!! What is more disturbing for me are the kids who are born in such a ridiculous, disgusting, manipulating, and exploiting environment. The poor kids think that’s how things are run, unfortunately they don’t know better. It’s just SICK!!! Religion aside, this cult/society whatever it is goes against BASIC human rights. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to get rid of it?! Anyways, I hope those inside get the courage to face their fears and leave such an institution.  

On to happy thoughts, Better Man (我的極品男友) is pretty good. I started it last year when it finished airing, but I just couldn’t get into the characters especially the youngest sister Wu Yi Xin. However, I went back to it last week and the characters rapidly grew on me hehehe!!! I’ve been marathoning it ever since. I have 20 episodes to go. Yes the pace is slow, but it’s a 60 eps long drama so it’s expected. I like the bromance and sisterhood between the siblings, also there’s no internal family feud. Each of the family portrayed in BM are peaceful and loving family, which makes the show pretty light and relaxing to watch. There are really hilarious scenes between the couples and siblings, I literally rofl-ed while watching some scenes lol!! It’s slow-paced and thanks to some of the characters sometimes frustrating, but despite that, it’s a pretty good show. The Cupid series, will air it’s first episode today *happy dance* I know I shouldn’t be this excited, because if the first arc goes wrong I would be really pissed and that would ruin the other arcs *fingers crossed*  

I’m in the middle of operation-awaking-my-inner-child. I got a lego classic set and a colouring book ^_^ I’ve realised that engaging in these activities really does have a calming and relaxing effect. 

I ditched most of my weekly variety shows for Better Man. However, I was able to squeeze in some eps in the last minute. 

Song For The Week

Since I’m so excited about Better Man, here’s one its OST; I Love You, I Do by Ian Chen. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

I present to you the ‘Better Men’ XDD

From L-R; Jolin Chien, Lin Yo Wei, and Tender Huang
The Yang family!!! From L-R; Jolin Chien (as Yang Zhen Kai), Lin Yo Wei (as Yang Zhen Wei), and Tender Huang (as Yang Zhen Hao)
Lin Yo Wei
Lin Yo Wei
Tender Huang
Tender Huang
Jolin Chien
Jolin Chien

Have an awesome week

P.S –

Happy new month!!! Wishing everyone a fab month!
Happy new month!!! Wishing everyone a fab month!


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