Happy Sunday #223

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

Very very true!!!


——> Checklist & Variety shows

I organised a Potluck event for my birthday, it was super awesome!! Drinks and food were in surplus!! The ambience was great and since not everyone knew everyone, there was quite some mingling XDD I will upload pictures of the dishes to my Tumblr account 😀 

The later half of Kammathep Hunsa plot development-wise was a huge let down. The nose-dive was really serious…… I personally felt the writer couldn’t decide what she wanted to do with the characters, especially the brother Ton. Making the viewers suspicious of Ton is a good move but you can’t just pin every single clue to one character it becomes too repetitive and baseless after a while, especially if there are other people that could be suspected (for example Pat). The close-ups on the characters when the smirk, make eye contact and just simply stare int empty space was just too overused -_- Oh I mustn’t forget the ominous background music which pops up every now and then. When the reason for the whole shenanigans was unveiled, it didn’t make any sense whatsoever. Yes I know, Lakorns tend to override every logical reasoning, but THIS crossed the line by very long shot. Tim’s character also lost ever sense of reasoning over one single video; he concluded, Ton and Sa connived together to kill him. What a conclusion!! Anyway, focusing on just the romance arc and the employees of Cupid Hut, while neglecting the horrible mystery/suspense plot makes it a cute and really hilarious show to watch. Due to how cute Toey is as Sa, my rating upped by 0.5 from 6.5 to 7 points. I have started The Cupids series #2 – Kammathep Ork Suek. Imma reserve my comments until I watch the first 2 eps. Behind Your Smile is finally picking up pace after 13 eps, the show sure took its time.  After seeing ep 14’s preview, I feel super motivated to continue watching hehehe! 

Running Man ep 343: Cheapskate Couple was very funny. Couple Karaoke game and Exchange-card were the best parts. During the CK game the people who suffered the most were Kwang Soo and Jae Suk. Well Jae Suk had it coming lol!!! He was the chief bully during other couples’ games, so it was no surprise when they ganged up against him lol!! A very interesting drama ensued when the couples who won the chance cards were asked to select the option to either swap their wallet or partner. It had a very interesting outcome hahaha!!! BTW Kookie was so unlucky in this episode. I have never seen him this unlucky since my 7 years of watching Running Man lol!! 

Song For The Week

Let’s go Bollywood – ENJOY the Luigi dance!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

I present to you Damao and Xiaomao!!!!

Sean Lee (李紹祥) aka Xiaomao in Behind Your Smile, a Taiwanese drama. BYS is the only show I’ve seen him in.
Marcus Chang (張立昂) aka Damao in the Taiwanese drama, Behind Your Smile. 

Have an awesome week and month!!!

P.S – 

Happy New Month!!!


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