Happy Sunday #225

Image For The Week

Kinkakuji Temple aka The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto

Saying For The Week


—-> Checklist & Variety shows

The new skit “Say Anything Festival” of Gag Concert is freaking freaking good and hilarious!!! 2 Days 1 Night ep 170 got me erupting in laughter especially during the “Say Your Flaw” game. That part was just too funny!! The real victims were Korean Pork Defconn and Pooping Jun Ho lol!! I still prefer the sofas in the last set of Happy Together to the small stools/chairs in this new set; they look pretty uncomfortable to me. No complaints about the guests, they were entertaining and had good stories. Seeing how the segment with Kian84 did not hold after the anniversary episodes, I guess the segment has been scrapped. I saw the first ep of Guesthouse Daughters starring actresses Lee Da Hae, Lee Mi Sook, Jang Shin Young, Yoon So Yi, and Park Si Yeon, and comedians Lee Su Geun and Park Soo Hong. I think it will be fun and interesting to see the interactions between the actresses, comedians and guests of the Mi Sook’s guesthouse.

I’m still enjoying Go Princess Go, but I feel the writing has taken a different turn. I know there will be a change to Peng Peng, but I feel she is losing her sassiness. Of course she should give Qi Sheng some face, however, I feel her schemes to please him is taking over her initial character. Anyway, I’m 10 eps to the end, maybe I’m wrong….

Song For The Week

Time for J-pop!! As For One Day by Morning Musume. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

 Showing some love to veteran actresses *drum rolls*

Lee Il Hwa!!! A veteran seasoned Korean actress!! Her latest projects; Chief Kim (KBS drama), and Daddy You, Daughter Me (Movie).

Have an awesome week and Happy Easter Sunday!!!!

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