Happy Sunday #227

Image For The Week

Hyper-realistic Oil Painting by Marek Rużyk

Saying For The Week

Louisa May Alcott


—-> Variety show

Story of my life…..

Did some drama watching – The Cupid series #2 – Kammathep Ork Suek, UPrince series #9 – The Single Lawyer, and The King of Romance (如朕親臨). I’m actually enjoying UPrince series #9, it’s pretty funny. The lead female character Minute has a rich facial expression. Minute teasing Firstclass, and Firstclass’ reaction is soooo narak (cute). I quite disliked Minute in the previous arc (The Extroverted Humanist), but I find her absolutely less annoying and even cute in TSL. 

I got some reading done – Our Second Master by Twentine (4/5). I started it some months ago, but I placed it on hold. I picked it back up after one of my exams last week. It’s a quick read, with only 7 chapters. It’s an interesting and heartwarming story. You see the change of the male lead character from being such a despicable brat to growing into a fine, elegant, strong and wise young man. And yes, his world got turned upside down in the worst possible way ever. I highly recommend it!!

I had one of the best Saturday this weekend!!! It was fabulous, relaxing and refreshing. I got together with my girlfriends. It was a healing Saturday, just what we all needed, a release from our individual diverse hectic schedules. We went shopping, had dinner in a Korean restaurant, then went dancing and drinking XDD

Song For The Week

Because You’re My Girl by Lee Seung Gi, ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

One of the successful idols turned actor *drum rolls*

Park Hyung Sik!!!! Former member of ZE:A. It feels good to see him evole from being a member of ZE:A, then center, starring in the Romantic & Idol variety show, other variety shows, debuting as an actor and even doing a good job at it. Wishing him well in his new entertainment agency!!

Have an awesome week!!! Happy new month!!!

P.S – 


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