Happy Sunday #228

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week


—–> Variety shows & Check list

The new additional members to Running Man has made Running Man livelier. The Global Mission concept is also pretty interesting, but most importantly I’m interested in knowing which member finally makes use of the Tour card lol!! I like the new chairs on Happy Together!!! They look more comfy than the previous ones. I also like the line of guests that have made appearances on the show; they’ve mostly been actors and they’ve had really good, interesting and funny stories. BTW the hosts finally stopped the winning streaks of the guests in ep 496 – Scene Stealers lol!! I had my weekly dose of 2 Days 1 Night – Pep Rally Season 3. The games the members played against the staffs were really funny. Apparently, those staffs have hidden talents hehehe!! Well, I’m happy they got their “chimaek” ^_^

The King of Romance (Taiwanese drama) took over my Twitter yesterday. I would have loved to see if the second couple properly patched things up. TKoR depicts the main characters discovering themselves, then being themselves and following through with their goals. I totally adore the friendship between Wang Nuo, Shen Yi Leng and Bruce Li. They directly tell each other the facts, even though it might lead conflicts. They had a really matured way of handling the conflicts, hence it doesn’t escalate into unnecessary drama. I saw some comments calling the lead female character immature and naive, but imo, I think following her dreams was a better decision than staying back playing housewife. Not everyone female wants to be in that state, at least not after finding an opportunity to pursue her life goals. She needed to find herself and the space, everything was moving just too fast. What I don’t agree with is her way of getting it done, that’s where communication should have come into play. However, that bit is always missing in dramaland lol!! I also liked how the show touched on the modern woman using Yi Leng as an example. Most of all, Wang Nuo is really sweet!! My heart broke for him towards the end of series. I highly recommend it. I’m finally seeing to the 2015 remake of Roy Leh Sanae Rai. The earlier version with Tik & Aom is still much better in my opinion. There’s just waaaay too much interference from third parties in the remake. 

Song For The Week

The One 唯 by Lego Lee, The King of Romance’s OST. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

A former drummer of a Korean Indie band and now an actor, not only in Korea but also in China *drum rolls* 

Lee Hyun Jae!!!! He used to be the drummer for Mate. He’s been in several K-dramas and he’s also been making a name for himself on the Chinese scenes. Even more interesting, he was caught on camera twice in one of the recent eps of Gag Concert ep 893! I thought I was seeing things lol!! I had to re-watch the skit. He was captured in skits – Idiotic Robot and Jeon Myeonghun. BTW, if you haven’t listened to any songs of Mate, you really should check them out!!

I suggest I stop here for today lol!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

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