Happy Sunday #230

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—> Checklist and variety show

It feels so good to be done with the first phase (exams) for the semester. All that’s left is the second phase (master exam and defense). Aja, Aja, fighting!! Asides from that, I had a pretty relaxing week hehehe!!

The Water-shot game on 2 Days 1 Night ep 175 was the highlight. JJY proves his smartness, agility and speed once again! I was rooting for team JJY & CTH all the way, and they didn’t disappoint. Def-bear and Jong Min’s fates were already sealed to enjoy the “All-Night Exploration” hehehe. Whereas team Junho & Donggu really did try their best to avoid having a date with crocodiles XDD It was a fun ep. Abnormal Summit!!!! I’m back to watching AS, I miss the main cast of the 1st season. However, it’s nice to be introduced to other foreigners leaving in SK and hear their views on several topics. This week’s theme on Infinite Challenge was pretty interesting; YOLO (You Only Live Once). The members were given corporate cards and asked to live the day to the fullest and try new things. Myung Soo set the bar by spending $1,380 (1,380,000 won). Of course that drove everyone nuts and they started spending as much as they wanted lol! But as we all know variety shows never work like that, there is always a catch lol!! The catch wasn’t revealed until after they were deep in spending hehehe! *chants 2pm’s Jun Ho’s name* It’s been a very very long time I’ve seen any of the boys on the K-variety shows I watch. I know Jun Ho was on MBC’s I Live Alone, but that’s it. Anyway he was on Happy Together Ep 498 – I Rule This Field!!! Damn, he looks soooooooooo good!! There wasn’t much news about the other members, but from what he said, they are all busy doing stuffs; going on tours, holding concerts and such in other countries, it’s good to hear that. I was scared they were on break, since I rarely see any news on them. He almost lost his chance to win a pack of Korean haneul, but he nabbed it at the end hehehe!!! Also, he was the only one who told the truth  during the “Lie Detector” game XDD He mentioned he’s attending an acting Grad school at the moment. Moi wishes him ALL the best!!

Princess Hours Thailand is pretty interesting. I like the writing, setting and the cast are doing a good job so far. It’s been almost 5 years since I watched the original “Goong”, hence my memory is pretty vague about it. I kinda feel sorry for Nakhun already 😦 He’s so sweet and adorable, but sadly his mum will be the end of him. The King, In’s father, really needs to stop looking for reasons to scold In and start thinking of the situation properly; how can information that only the royal family knows about gets leaked to the press, shouldn’t he be investigating it irrespective of whether his son messed up or not? He has no facts whatsoever about the situations. Let’s see how annoying his character will get. Zheng Chu is such a sweet soul in Across the Ocean to See You. His interactions with Su Mang are the best, I like their relationship. Although she can be overbearing and all, but she’s so comfortable around ZC. Even though ZC keeps complaining about how bossy SM is, he still worries about her and endures her nagging. I wasn’t planning on skipping any scene, but I really don’t want to watch scenes with that snake. After I get the point of the scene, I ff 10-20 secs to the next scene lol!  

I picked up a new Chinese novel; Eight Treasures Trousseau (八宝妆) by Yue Xia Die Ying. The same author, who wrote To Be A Virtuous Wife. ETT is an upgrade version, with more political intrigues and intense mind games between the OTP. I’m still in the early chapters, but I’m enjoying it thus far.

Song For The Week

OST compilation by Ch3, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Cast of Princess Hours Thailand!!! 

Pattie Ungsumalin Sirapatsakmetha!!!
Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor!!!
Phan Pagniez!!!
From L-R; Phan (Nakhun), Pattie (Kaning), Tao (In), and Minnie

Have an awesome week!!!

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