K-Releases: February 2017 Albums!

Back to posting compilations of monthly K-pop releases…..

1. SF9

Mini Album – Burning Sensation


2. Jung Joon Young (정준영)

1인칭 (The First Person)


3. Cross Gene (크로스진)

Mini Album – Mirror


4. NCT Dream

Single Album – The First


5. Im Se Jun (임세준)

Five Years


6. Marvel J (마블제이)

Mini Album – Graduation


7. From the Airport (프럼 디 에어포트)

The Boy Who Jumped


8. BTS

You Never Walk Alone


9. BIGFLO (빅플로)

Mini Album – Stardom


10. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

One Voice (Japanese Album)


11. Wutan (우탄)

Dope Boys Club


12. Melody Day (멜로디데이)

Mini Album – Kiss on the Lips


13. TWICE (트와이스)

TWICEcoaster: LANE 2


14. Moon Band (조문근밴드)

Mini Album – No Way Out


15. 100% (백퍼센트)

Mini Album – Sketchbook


16. 2BiC

Mini Album – 많이 사랑 했나보다


17. Gavy NJ (가비엔제이)

Mini Album – 뻔한 멜로 (An Obvious Melo)


18. G2 (지투)

Mini Album – G2’s Life, Pt.2


19. myunDo

Mini Album – RGB pt.(0,255,0)


20. Hash Swan

Mini Album – Shangri-La


21. Lovelyz (러블리즈)

R u ready?


22. gugudan (구구단)

Mini Album – Act.2 Narcissus


23. High4 (하이포)

Mini Album – Blessed


24. Lim Hun Il (임헌일) 

Mini Album – 누군가를 향한 마음


25. Code Kunst (코드쿤스트)

Muggles’ Mansion


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