K-Releases: February 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. Awesome (어썸)

A four-member girl group signed under Midum Entertainment. The members include – Chealin, Beatyou, Youri and Bada. Awesome made its with 토핑걸 (Topping Girl).



1. Yoo Jae Hwan X Dong Woon (유재환, 손동운)



2. EXO’s Suho X Young Joo Song (수호, 송영주)

커튼 (Curtain)


3. OBROJECT X Standing Egg (오브로젝트, 스탠딩 에그)

Those Were The Days


4. DEADP X TaPi  (데드피, 타피)



5. Park Hye Kyung X Long:D (박혜경, 롱디)

Nerd Girl


6. SISTAR’s Soyou X EXO’s Baekhyun (소유, 백현)

비가와 (Rain)


7. Kim Joon Won X f(x)’s Krystal (김준원, 크리스탈)

I Don’t Wanna Love You


8. MC Mong X Huh Gak (MC 몽, 허각)



9. Nam Young Joo X Nam So Hyun (남영주, 남소현)



10. Monday Kiz X Kim Na Young (먼데이키즈 X 김나영 디지털싱글)

눈물 (Tears)


11. Hwang Chiyeul X Red Velvet’s Seulgi (황치열, 슬기)

남녀의 온도차 (Our Story) – Fall, in Girl Feat. Kassy


12. Junggigo X EXO’s Chanyeol (정기고, 찬열)

Let Me Love You


13. Super Junior’s Yesung X ALi

You Are Not Here.


14. Park Won X Suzy (박원, 수지)

기다리지 말아요 (Don’t Wait For Your Love)


15. K.A.R.D

Project Vol.2 – Don’t Recall


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