Happy Sunday #231

Image For The Week

Wood print art ‘Overlook’ by Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth

Saying For The Week


—> Variety shows

Abnormal Summit is so much fun to watch. I wonder why it took me so long to catch up lol!! I think it was primarily due to lack of Eng subs when the first season was airing, so I kinda lost interest. Anywho, I’m on the second season!! A couple of changes were made, the biggest included – the delegates and voting system. So far so good, I still find the topics and discussions interesting and informative. Plot twist, the YOLO ep of Infinity Challenge was not paid by the production team but by the members themselves lol!! Apparently it is the amount of money they’ve saved over the years. Still on ep 530 of Infinity Challenge, I really don’t get what’s so difficult in staying calm and collected for 30 minutes, after which everyone gets to eat. I get it’s the trend in variety shows to betray and such, but still, it’s so pointless. They had to wait for an hour and 30 minutes and STILL they couldn’t all have lunch together *smh* I know it’s for fun, but it really pissed me off lol! Running Man ep 351 was funny and interesting! When So Min does/say some things, she just leaves me speechless lol! I totally can’t wait to see the “Chosen 4” hehehe! I have a feeling whosoever gets chosen to experience Japan’s “Labyrinth of Fear” will never remain the same again hahaha! Due to the meal (Dangerous Meal) both teams (team Song Ji Hyo and team Kim Jong Kook) chose, they departed on a 2 days 1 night trip to Mongolia (to meet with nomads and milk sheep) and Russia (to catch King crab) lol! Both teams began the trip with a refreshing experience with the ATM machines in Mongolia and Russia XDD. I’m looking forward to the next episode, I wonder how their trip and mission will go ^^ For a second on Happy Together ep 499 – Online Boyfriends, I thought Roy Kim and Henry were close, but I don’t think so hehehe! Poor Henry tried very hard to appeal to Roy Kim, he also expressed the feelings he has for Roy Kim’s sister lol! And like every week, HT didn’t fail to deliver. I’m looking forward to ep 500 *squealssss* I hope there is enough footage to last for 2 eps hehehe! Team Defbear & Jong Min, and team Junho & Donggu carried out their night exploration in ep 176 – 2 Days 1 Night. On the baseball field, Jung Min Chul wasn’t cutting Kim Junho any slack at all, he was pure savage hehehe! It was fun watching team 2D1N compete against the kids for jajangmyeon and tangsuyuk. The kids had fun teasing the members hehehe. BTW, Defconn continued his love line with announcer Lee Hyang XDD

I’m all caught up with the translated chapters of Eight Treasures Trousseaus. So it’s time to play the weekly waiting game. I guess I will carry on with A Mistaken Marriage Match – Mysteries in the Imperial Harem, while waiting and reading ETT on the side. 

Song For The Week

In Control by Hillsong Worship, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

On the Chinese entertainment scene *drum rolls*

Liu Tao!!! She exudes air of elegance and gracefulness in every photoshoot I see her in.

Have an awesome week!!!

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