Happy Sunday #232

Image For The Week

That’s what social media does to us……sadly….

Saying For The Week



—–> Variety shows

Another change on Happy Together!!! The show has a new set and “Big Mouth” will co-host the show with other hosts. Big Mouth consists of some close friends of Yu Jae Seok – Kim Yong Man, Ji Suk Jin, Park Soo Hong, and Kim Soo Yong. They were on eps 483 and 484 – “Talk Dream Team” special. They were so much fun!!! My expectations are pretty high lol!! Both set of hosts have a way of setting up the mood, making each episode interesting and hilarious. However, as Jo In Sung pointed out, it might be a bit difficult on Yu Jae Seok.  I can’t stil bring myself to finish watching ep 531 of Infinity Challenge, less than 15 minutes in, I just switched to another variety show. Yeah, I might be overeacting, but I can’t really understand the concept…… JJY’s luck was really bad in 2 Days 1 Night ep 177 – Live or Die for Baseball. I can’t remember the last time his luck was that bad on the show lol!! As for Kim Jong Min it’s a normal occurrence XDD BTW, the writers of 2D1N know how to make a good twist hehehe! They just had to make every member of the team arrive right in front of the stadium before breaking it to them, that only half of them can actually enter the stadium, and the other half will have to watch the game outside on their phones lol!! I’ve never watched a baseball game, nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how it’s played and understand some of the rules. 

I’m both anxious and excited  for this week! *fingers crossed*

I was invited to watch a football match yesterday and it turned out to be the match between Real Madrid and Juventus!!!! I initially had no plans of supporting any team, but I got swept away in the excitement and opted for Real Madrid hehehe!!! And they did it!!! They won 4:1!! 💃💃 Even though it was unplanned, their victory made my evening XDD

Song For The Week

The Fox by Ylvis, ENJOY!!! I stumbled on it, while going through my ever-growing playlist. It was refreshing to listen to it after such a long time.


Eye Candy For The Week

And the 5th story of The Cupid series have come to an end. 

Toey & Cheer at CH3’s Runway 2016. They take on the role of Oil & Att in Sorn Ruk Kammathep in the 5th installment of The Cupid series. I’ve been sneaking peeks at their arc on YT. Toey looks so cute and sweet!!! The edits I’ve seen on YT are raising my expectations lol! They make such a fine couple too!!


The reviews aren’t helping either lol!! Too many good comments floating around about their arc *expectation keeps rising*

Have an awesome week and happy new month!!!

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