K-Releases: March 2017 Singles!

It’s time to get back to this, I’m 3 months behind on this. I will release them as I finish complying each part.

1. Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정)

벚꽃길 (Cherry Blossom Road) 2017


2. Insun Hwang (황인선)

Hwang Ya

3. 2LSON (투엘슨)



4. DAY6

어떻게 말해 (How Can I Say) – Every DAY6 March


5. B.A.P



6. Jay Park (박재범)

헐크호건 (Hulk Hogan)


7. LIVE (라이브)

Please Feat. Kim Hyo Eun, G2, and Dumbfoundead


8. Jung Key (정키)



9. Lee Min Ho (이민호)



10. B1A4

You and I (Japanese)


11. Justin Oh

Jekyll & Hyde Feat. SISTAR’s Hyolyn


12. So Ji Sub (소지섭)

있으면 돼 (Are You With Me?)


13. Ra.D (라디)

눈을 보고 말해요 (Look Into Your Eyes)


14. Sunny Side’s MJ

같은이별 다른온도 (No Way)


15. EASTONE (이스트원)



16. Cherry Coke

Up (Like I Do)


17. Acourve (어쿠루브)

Love Diary


18. Highlight (하이라이트)

아름답다 (It’s Still Beautiful)


19. Vromance (모닝콜)

Wake Up Call


20. Maydoni (메이다니)

막말하지마 (Don’t Speak)


21. Postmen (포스트맨)

하나부터 열


22. Oohyo (우효)



23. Kim Woo Joo (김우주)



24. Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)

First Love


25. Six Bomb (식스밤)

예뻐지는 중입니다


26. V.O.S’ Kim Kyung Rok (김경록)

Blossom (No YT link available)


27. Echae Kang (강이채)



28. Hello Gayoung (안녕하신가영)

단편집 – 그리움에 가까운


29. Free Style (프리스타일)

인연 (Destiny)


30. Henry

그리워요 (Girlfriend)


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