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……and worse off tries to blame someone else.


—-> Variety shows & Checklists

This week’s edition will be a little longer than usual…..just a little longer…

At the beginning of the week, I realised I was 3 eps behind on Running Man, 2 Days 1 Night, Infinity Challenge, and Happy Together, hence I began operation catch up! I’m also around 6 eps behind on Gag Concert, and very much behind on Abnormal Summit. However, progress was made!! Running Man‘s Global Project – Part 1 came to an end with ep 354. Oh my God!!! Poor Kwang Soo and his VJ Yoon Sang almost peed their pants lol!! A second project was immediately introduced; People’s Recommendation – A Place For 1%. On to ep 355, Actress Jung Hye Sung made a team with Kookie and Kwang So0. Yoo Jae Suk and Kwang Soo were pretty lucky with receiving stamps during the mission. YJS emerged as the winner, hence he got the chance to pick a member who will receive ‘I Go’ sticker. Despite his so called calculation, practise and preparation, he threw a 6 and his fellow team members – HaHa and So Min each bagged an ‘I Go’ sticker lol!!! Even though Kwang Soo was lucky with stamps his love life didn’t share the same fate, his love line with JHS ended as tragically as his Russian romance XXD The mission for ep 356 – Discordance race! No matter the mission or task given, the members shouldn’t pick the make the same choice. Of course that didn’t go well lol!! Members with the same choices had to buy Accordance badges. YJS ended up with 11 Accordance badges, Kwang Soo came last overall. Song Ji Hyo won this round, randomly threw the dice and Wang Ko brother got picked for ‘I Go’ sticker, while So Min was excluded from the selection. I’m looking forward to ep 357, the preview looked interesting. I guess RM eps and ratings now depends on these projects. I don’t mind the projects, but I feel there are just too many fillers in each ep. Each ep is now at least 1hr 30 mins long, it used to under 1hr 20 mins

2 Days 1 Night ep 179 continues with “Summer Body Special”. Kim Jong Min topped the charts with 4 badges, hence he got exempted from the fishing penalty. At the last check up, Defconn came 1st with a body fat loss of 4.5kg, Dong Gu (2nd) with 2.2kg, Jong Min – 2kg, Jun Ho – 1.9kg, Joon Young – 0.5kg and Tae Hyun – 0.2kg. CTH and JJY bringing up the rear is not a surprise; JY barely has any fat and TH regularly exercises. After several round of games Cha Tae Hyun gets the fishing penalty. Ep 180 is all about promotion in Jeju Island among the locals. Ep 181 was da bomb, it was hilarious from the beginning to the end. I was cracking up at every single game!!! The members went on a trip with their fans to Mara Island. The members first had to find their fans, the concept is similar to Happy Together’s I Miss You Friend. Both Jong Min and Tae Hyun identified their fans on the first try, while Defconn, Joon Young and Dong Gu found theirs on their second try and Jun Ho on his 3rd try. The games were based on the virtues most fans want their idols to have; intellectual, morality and physicality virtues. For intellectual virtue an English speed quiz was conducted; the members had to give explanations in English to their fans. The best part was Jong Min, it was just damn hilarious!!! The next game was on morality – “Guess the celebrity’s breathe”. Of course Jun Ho was the main target here, but surprisingly he placed third gaining 3 points. For the third and final game, this takes the crown hahahaha!! The opposing fans were asked to colour the faces of the members with squid ink. The member who got painted beyond recognition was Kim Jun Ho LOL!! Defconn’s fan gave him new skin colour hahaha!! The weakest among the fans is Jong Min’s fan, poor him. During the preliminaries, even when he tugged the rope with both hands, he couldn’t move an inch. It was a really fun time the members had with their fans! 

The rafting mission was a fail in Infinity Challenge‘s ep 533 lol!!! The other members were first tricked into getting on the raft along with Jun Ha. Even though they set sail, they kept going in the wrong directions lol! To make matters worse, the raft started to sink, hence the production team had to pump out the water from the canoes under the raft. For safety reasons, the whole mission was cancelled and rescheduled. On the rescheduled day, due to the weather the production team had to go with plan B; which was Kim Soo Hyun. The boys went ahead to have a bowling match with KSH, it was really hilarious hahaha!! Despite their petty tricks, he won twice in a roll lol!!

Happy Together just got more hilarious and interesting! There are now 2 parts – 1st part with team Happy Together host, and the second part with team Big Mouth. On ep 502, the cast (Deok Hwa, Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Min Jae, Cha Tae Hyun, and PD Yu Ho Jin) of Best Hit were in the first part. I’ve seen DH on variety shows before, but he was really hella funny here. The way he speaks makes everything he says funny, additionally he can even imitate other older actors like Lee Soon Jae hehehe! I actually mistook KMJ for Yeo Jin Goo, those 2 look really similar. KMJ showed some really good dance moves that blew everyone away including myself. PD Yu was not actually on set but behind the scene, he looked tired and lifeless as usual. CTH was CTH; his family, threw jabs at others, had nice stories to tell and of course was laughing the whole time. YSY also had some stories to tell. More on their stories in the ep 503 (which I’m still yet to watch). As for part 2, Big Mouth spent more than half the time talking lol!! I have no complaints, I can never get tired of those 5 when they start talking. The legendary show they started with is “Dangerous Invitation”. Their first guest – Kim Sung Ryoung, oh boy she’s really beautiful! She’s 51 this year, I don’t understand what kind of sorcery it is, but she looks 15 years younger than her age! No kidding! The real game starts in the next ep, the host will be having loads of fun flying into the pool and getting doused hehehe!

On the drama scene, UPrince series #10 – The Crazy Artist just beat every other UPrince series stories I’ve watched. It was so beautifully executed, I had to rate it 8.5!! At least for now, it’s the best. I’ve also started watching UPrince series #11 – Badly Politics. Mild Wiraporn’s new character is really funny, she’s quite a gem. The first ep was a bit over the top, but the subsequent eps were good to follow. Considering it’s Thanat’s (Survey) debut role, he’s doing a pretty good job. The last ep will be uploaded this week and with that, there’s only one UPrince series story left!! YAAY!

I think the writing for the Cupid series keeps getting better with each arc. I enjoyed The Cupid Series #4 – Loob Kom Kammathep. Indy was almost perfect as Dan, Wawwa also did a good job as Karakade, but I couldn’t help but feel her crying and non-tough girl scenes were kinda off. I also like the realness of the female-trafficking plot. I couldn’t sympathise with Rosarin, Kad’s sister. She freaking got herself into the whole deep sh*t, thanks to her attempt of proving to be an adult. She had to learn the hard way, well that couldn’t be helped. I was torn between rating LKK 8 or 8.5 out of 10, at the end of the day, I settled with 8.5. This brings me to The Cupid series #5 – Sorn Ruk Kammathep, which has got everyone talking, fin-ing and raving. OMG!!! Toey as Att is so cuute, the same goes for Ooy (Cheer). I actually thought since she was brought up under such heavy prejudice she would be all tough, mean and super strict, but she’s sooo cute. Also, it’s kinda funny she has no self-defense skills. So I was ranting on how stupid and naive Karakade’s sister is in LKK, I was wrong. Att’s sister Bua is even more stupid and foolish!! This has gone beyond ‘love is blind’, she’s just full of herself and thinks she’s never wrong. I really did enjoy SRK, it was very interesting seeing how differently both family (Att’s and Ooy’s family) handled the unfortunate their unfortunate experiences with love. I personally prefer how Att’s mum handled the issue, she didn’t use that as an excuse to suffocate and cage her children unlike Ooy’s mum. Just for the record, even though Ooy’s mum finally got her sh*t together, I can’t still let go of my heavy dislike for her. I mean, just looking at the boyfriends of Nu’ Sa, Kad, Praw, and Hom shouldn’t that have made her realise that not all men are jerks and psychos?! She was just too extreme!! I was rendered speechless in the last 50 mins of ep 7. I just couldn’t understand how she could go to such lengths just to prove her point, even Khun Yai got pissed at her! Nah I  just can’t! However, SRK is really good!! Amazing and incredible acting from Cheer and Toey, plot, writing and directing on point, and the supporting cast also did a really good job. I rated it 9/10!!

I was this close to coughing out blood due to anger while watching Princess Agents ep 24 & 25. I mean, seriously?! How can people be so cruel and evil! Seeing how helpless both Yan Xun and Yuwen Yu did break my heart, I kept think of which was more heartbreaking; YX seeing his best friend at the other side or YWY accepting all accusations, while trying to help the unknowing YX in secret and still getting blocked at every corner? That feeling of helpless is just too frustrating BUT Xing’er made a remarkable statement in ep 25; about having patience. I guess all we can do is wait and calm down until the right moment. 

I also started Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak (แผนร้ายลงท้ายว่ารัก). Although I’ve seen the first 5 eps, it’s all shrouded in mystery. Aside from the mystery, there’s this cray-cray family lol!! So far so good, it looks pretty interesting and of course I’m rooting for Uncle Neung & Fak Fah 😀

Song For The Week

The OST of The Truth Seekers (a Singaporean drama) by Lin Si Tong, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

I present newly married couples……Wishing them a blissful married life!!!!

Lionel Messi X Antonella Roccuzzo
Shinhwa’s Eric Mun X Actress Na Hye Mi!!
Burak Özçivit X Fahriye Evcen!!

Have an awesome week!!!

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