K-Releases: March 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!

It’s time to get back to this, I’m 4 months behind on this. I will release them as I finish compiling each part.


1. BLANC7 (블랑세븐)

This is a boy group consisting of 7 members signed under Jackpot Entertainment. The members include – Shin Woo, Jean Paul, Teno, D.L, Spax, K-kid, and Taichi. BLANC7 debut with “Prism”


2. MVP (엠브이피)

MVP is short for Most Valuable Player. MVP is another 7-member boy group but under PH Entertainment. Members include – Kang Han (leader), Rayoon, Gi Taek, P.K, Jin, Been, and Sion (maknae). The group made its debut with mini album “Manifest”.


3. Pristin (프리스틴)

The latest addition to Pledis Entertainment. Pristin is a girl group consisting of 10 members; Nayoung (leader), Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung, Yehana, Sungyeon, Xiyeon, and Kyla (maknae). The girls made their debut with mini album “Hi! Pristin”


4. LipBubble (립버블)

A girl group consisting of 7 members signed with Zenith Media Contents. Members include; Eunbyeol, Ryua, Hanbi, Ina, Mirae, Haea, and Seoryn. “Popcorn” is the group’s first single album.


5. Berry Chu (베리츄)

Berry Chu is a group of racing models turn idol-group; members include – Hayul, Haum, Jieun, Yunmi, Jinah and Soyou. Berry Chu debuts with “Hey, Stranger”



1. Eric Nam X Somi

유후 (You, Who?)


2. HUS X Risso (허밍어반스테레오, 리소)

Milky Way


3. BewhY X Big K.R.I.T

우노 (UNO)


4. NCT Dream

Trigger The Fever – The Official Song Of The FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017


5. Yang Hee Eun X AKMU (양희은, 악동뮤지션)

뜻밖의 만남 – 여덟 번째 (The Tree)


6. FIESTAR’s Cao Lu X Kisum X GFriend’s Yerin

왜 또 봄이야 (Spring Again)


7. Tony An X Lucas X Evan X Jager

봄이었나봐, 그때


8. BTS’ Rap Monster X Wale



9. BTOB’s Im Hyun Sik X Luizy

싱포유 – 일곱번째이야기 체인지


10. Park Myung Soo X DinDin X Danny Jung (박명수, 딘딘, 대니 정)

Saxophone Magic


11. Superbee X myunDo

Look At It


12. Yoon Jung Shin X Forte di Quattro (윤종신, 포르테 디 콰트로)

마지막 순간 (Last Moment) – Monthly Project 2017 March


13. Letter Flow X Soyou (레터 플로우, 소유)

완벽해 (Perfect)


14. Kim Tae Woo X ChoA (김태우, 초아)

여덟번째이야기 – Sing For You


15. Jeon Jiyoon (JENYER) X Samuel Seo (전지윤, 서사무엘)



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