Happy Sunday #240

Image For The Week

Korean Spicy Tofu

Saying For The Week

A quote by Tal Tal from the Korean drama Empress Ki. I don’t see myself getting over this show! It’s just too good!!


—-> Variety shows & Check list

Running Man is back to its Global Project Race. This time around, the members get to suggest 8 places they want to visit, and the production staffs selects 8 dangerous places. For every mission, 2 places are picked, one from the members and the other from the staffs. If the members win, their choice gets placed on a roulette and if not, the dangerous place. The member with the highest amount of money is the only person allowed to buy name tags. The name tags are then stuck to the roulette wheel. The chosen member after the wheel is spun, gets to pick another member to visit the selected place. Hence, this is more engaging and interesting for the members and viewers. In ep 365, Yoo Jae Suk’s luck was just too ridiculously bad lol!!! I didn’t think it was humanely possible to have such bad luck hehehe!! 

I started The Unholy Alliance (同盟), Hong Kong drama, just for the fun of it, but it turned out to be very good, especially the action scenes. The plot is also pretty interesting. While watching I kept my eyes peeled for familiar places, but I haven’t come across any yet lol!! I guess, I either have to do more exploring of HK or keep watching and just maybe I might see a familiar place 😀 I’m getting confused with Lost Love in Times. Since DF is a weeks behind on the airing schedule, I end up watching the previews of the 8 eps that’s shown on TV, then go back to watch the eps when DF releases them lol!! Yes, I should be able to stop myself, however at the this point that’s just impossible. The whole dynamics has gotten more interesting!! I wonder how all these will play out; Zhan sabotaging the marriage between Ling and Qing Chen, the imperial father doing his own scheming, Consort Lian still pulling strings in the shadow, Ming getting more daring with each episode, Ling finally knowing about the past time line, QC slowly fading away, 2 other love lines setting sail, Ling also seems to know the 12th Prince has another identity, and Zhan’s mum return to the Inner Palace. A lot is happening simultaneously!!! Da Bao and Qin Ming bickering, and Da Bao ganging up with Lin Tao to tease Qin Ming in Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (法医秦明) are simply friendship goals!! 😀 After watching the first ep, no one needed to tell me not to eat while watching lol!! I like the cases they’ve resolved so far, and apparently a psycho is unto Qin Ming. I want to see how he handles the situation.

I’m beginning to feel at home here ^_^  

Song For The Week

We Thank Thee by Jim Reeves! One of my all-time favourite song, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

For this week, we have the cast of Dr. Qin Medical Examiner!!!

From L-R: Zhang Ruo Yun as Qin Ming, Jiao Jun Yan as Zhao Da Bao, and Li Xian as Lin Tao

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S –

To escape criticism: do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” – Elbert HubbardSignature

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