K-Releases: April 2017 Singles!

My apologies for missing in action on this front. I’m back and catching up!!!  I’m going with the list format for this month, so no links to YT…….

Okay, let’s go!

1. Oh Yeri (오예리)

This is Love


2. Jay Park

Raw Sh!t


3. INX (인엑스)



4. I AM (아이엠)

2 am (March)


5. Jang Da Hee (장다희)

인생은 아름다워 (Life is Wonderful) (March)


6. Lydia (리디아)

모든 고민의 중심 너야


7. Dasona (다소나)

왠지 난 말야 (For Some Reason)


8. Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우)

짜리리릿 (Sign)


9. Imfact (임팩트)

Imfactory Part. 3 – Tension Up


10. Gaeko (개코)

코끼리 (Gajah) Feat. BTS’ Rap Monster


11. OKDAL (옥상달빛)



12. DAY6 (데이식스)

Every DAY6 April


13. SBGB (새벽공방)

 어른이, 달빛천사 (Ki-dult, Full Moon)


14. BGM4

벚꽃 하나 Feat. FeelGood


15. NCT’s Ten (텐)

夢中夢 (몽중몽/Dream In A Dream)


16. Say Yes

부르고 불러 (I Miss You)


17. SeeYa’s Lee Bo Ram  (이보람)

봄 그리고 봄 (Spring and Spring) Feat. Kanto


18. 2000won (이천원)

눈물이 무기


19. Puer Kim (퓨어킴)

LISTEN 008 딸 또래 (Daughter Of Your Age)


20. Owol (오월)

들이대 (Nuna)


21. Girls Girls’ MiSO

MiSO All Access


22. Lena Park (박정현)

연애중 (Courting)


23. Kim Na Young (김나영)

어른이 된다는게 (Being An Adult)


24. Lunafly (루나플라이)

Dreaming Bout You


25. Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri (이해리)



26. Zico (지코)

She’s A Baby


27. EXO’s Baekhyun

바래다줄게 (Take You Home)


28. Tember



29. Oneway

Beauty Call


30. Maktub (마크툽)

너니까 (Because It’s You)

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