Happy Sunday #244

Image For The Week

Schönbrunn Park in autumn

Saying For The Week


—-> Variety shows & Check list

With less than 3 months to the end of the year, I’ve got to somehow finish the pledges on the check list lol! Moi started with Japanese drama; the 4th season of Doctor X. It got full points (10/10) from me!! Daimon Michiko was even more BADASS here, I didn’t think it was possible for her to get any badass than she was. There were some new interesting supporting characters – the female PR, female Deputy Director seeking to avenge her brother and self-proclaimed world renowned surgeon, Kitano. I think the comedy was also much better in this season, thanks to the antics of the Dir. and his sidekicks hahaha!! Another thing I noticed in this season is the background story of most of the patients. All in all, Doctor X4 was AMAZING and I enjoyed every bit of it!!! I followed up with Cold Case (コールドケース), the Japanese remake of the American TV series also going by the same title. Ep 2 was just really sad, I had a hard time reining in my emotions. It was some really horrible shit no one should go through. 

Due to the strike, most of the variety shows have no new episodes. Although 2 Days 1 Night had a new episode, but it was more like Invincible Youth making a comeback lol!! However, SBS’ Running Man is still airing new episodes every week.

PhD life was pretty tough last week lol!! However, thank God, I’m still alive and kicking. No mental breakdown yet 😀

Oh, I have an IG account now –> Check it out!!

Song For The Week

I haven’t started watching While You Were Asleep (Kdrama), but the OSTs that have been released are so beautiful. Here’s Eddy Kim’s When Night Falls, my fav OST from WYWA. ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Korean boy group!!!

Infinite!!!!! They were in Hong Kong last week for a concert. I’ve listening to your albums for days. I miss their kind of music on the Kpop scene.
Infinite’s fan art by Blingyeol

Have an awesome week

P.S – 


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