K-Releases: April 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. Novadox (노바독스)

Novadox actually debuted late March. It’s a rock band under Amuse Korea. Members include Vin, Alan, AZ, Yoon Kim, and J-one. Novadox debuted with mini Album – Escapism


2. BLACK6IX (블랙식스)

BLACK6IX is a 6 -member boy group under Black Hole Entertainment. Members include; Yongseok, Taeyoung, Jongwoon, Ziki, YeY, and The-King. BLACK6IX made their debut with “제발 (Please)”.


3. A-seed (에이시드)

A-seed a 4-member girl group signed with Luminant Entertainment. The girls debut with “흔들어 (Shake It)”, the members include – Ji Hyun, Mini, Sol, and Soyeon.


4. BOYS24’s  Unit Black

Unit Black is a sub-unit of BOYS24. Members consist of; Park Doha, Kim Sunghyun, Jeong Yeontae, Yu Youngdoo, Kim Yonghyun, Hwang Inho, Oh Jinseok, and Han Hyunuk. Unit Black makes its debut with Steal Your Heart.


5. 14U (원포유)

14U is the abbreviation for One For You. You must have also guessed the number members in the group. The 14 boys are signed under Baekgom Entertainment (BG Entertainment). 14U has 2 sub-units; 14U-L and 14U-X. Members include; E.Sol (leader and former member of M-Crown), Luha (14U-L), Go Hyun (14U-X), B.S (leader of sub-unit 14U-X),  Loudi (14U-X), Eunjae (leader of 14U-L), Woo Joo (14U-L), Do Yul (14U-X), Do Hyuk (14U-X), Hyun Woong (14U-L), Young Woong (14U-X), Rio (14U-L), Se Jin (14U-L), and Kyeong Tae (14U-L). The group made its debut with Very Very Very.


6. 2Wenty’s (투엔티스)

2Wenty’s is a 4 member girl group signed with Live Entertainment. Members consist of Hwakyung (leader), Seul, Jiheon, and Kyuri (maknae). 2Wenty’s made their debut with 쏙 들었어



1. Sous Chef

New Wave Attitude (NWA) Feat. Jay Park, nafla, Kim Hyo Eun


2. Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun X Gugudan’s Soi (소이 Of 구구단 X 영준 (브라운 아이드 소울))

봄비 (Spring Rain)


3. Hong Jin Young X DIA X Kim Yon Ja (홍진영, 다이아, 김연자)

꽃, 달, 술 (You Are My Flower)


4. IU X Oh Hyuk (아이유, 오혁)

사랑이 잘 (Can’t Love You Anymore)


5. Changmo X Hyolyn (효린, 창모)

Blue Moon


6. KCM X Zia



7. Hanhae X Kanto (한해, 칸토)

Holyhood Present – 에어플레인 (Airplane)


8. Goretexx X Giriboy X Black Nut X BILL STAX X Genius Nochang X Swings



9. Mamamoo’s Hwasa X eSNa (화사, 에스나)

Love Comes


10. Obroject (오브로젝트)

봄이라서 발매함 (It Was Released in Spring)


11. Fatdoo X Brown Whale (팻두, 브라운 웨일)

산책 (Walk) (No YT link available)


12. Kim Young Chul X Hong Jin Young (김영철, 홍진영)

Ring Ring


13. K.A.R.D 



14. SKULL X C Jamm X Kkia X Jah Vinci

Killa Dreads


15. Echae Kang X Chung Chae Woong (강이채, 정채웅)

Are We Still (No YT link available)


16. BTS’ Rap Monster X Wale




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