Happy Sunday #246

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

K-drama quote – Go Ho’s Starry Night


—> Checklist and variety shows

I had such a good laugh watching Running Man ep 372, it was really hilarious and the plot twist was well executed. 2 Days 1 Night is still starring 2 Days 1 Night members guest on Invincible Youth 2 hosted by Kim Shin Young lol!! But despite that, it’s still interesting to watch. They had a FEAST in ep 197!! I doubt the members of 2 Days 1 Night would have experienced such an event on a normal 2 Days 1 Night set lol!! Happy Together ep 519 – Legendary Singers was also interesting. TVXQ’s Changmin’s reactions to U-Know’s stories are priceless hahahaha!! The best part was when he actually spilled water from his mouth, that reaction is one of realest I’ve seen on a variety show in a long time lol!!

I’m done with Heroine Chic season 3, but I think I that’s the last of HC I’ll be reading. Season 1 was pretty good, I like the concept, then S2 came along and Mr. Man bun jogger was added as a permanent character. However, in the third season, I felt HC was beginning to lose its original appeal and concept. The introduction of Garmento, and its connections to Zoe’s mum and Dyna was interesting to know, but not captivating enough to keep reading. Eight Treasures Trousseau is so freaking good!!! Xian Wang and his Wang Fei are a heaven-made pair, they complement each other so well it’s frighteningly good. The imperial family though, gosh they are beyond redemption. I have no idea how they can live with themselves like that. The schemes they come up with are so detailed, so intricately woven and sure damn right scary. I can’t wait to see their reactions once Xian Wang unveils his true face *excited*

Song For The Week

J Soul Brothers’ Hiroomi Tosaka  released a new solo – Diamond Sunset. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Japanese actor-host-chef Hayami Mokomichi (速水もこみち)!!!
Doing his thing in the kitchen on his cooking show, Moco’s Kitchen.

Have an awesome week!!!

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