Happy Sunday #247

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week


—-> Check list & Variety shows 

When members of 2 Days 1 Night have to answer quizzes to have a bite/spoon from the different dishes laid out for dinner, you know the real concept of 2D1N is back lol!! It’s the 10th anniversary of 2 Days 1 Night!!! *throws confetti* During the award ceremony, the members just had to bring back the ep where they discussed their flaws hahaha!! The titles for the award were ridiculous and hilarious; “Most Fertile award”, “Generations award”, “Golden Teeth award” and so on hehehe! I’m beginning to suspect the new PD of Running is a con-artist lol! I mean really, he keeps setting traps for them and they beautifully fall into them XDD Poor them hahaha! It seems as if the strike isn’t over for MBC yet, Infinite Challenge still has no new episode.

I bagged another J-drama; From Five to Nine. It’s pretty cheesy. Although the characters had their own issues but well portrayed . I haven’t read the manga, so I can’t make comparisons. The one freaking character I can’t stand is the grandmother. She’s so selfish. She didn’t even care for the feelings of the younger brother, when she decided to use him against Takane. She’s just horrible! The reason she gave doesn’t justify her actions! I get the younger brother’s resentment, but yeah, there are ways of getting things done without involving so many people. I’ve got to applaud Jouko’s bravery to give up every one of her dreams to fulfill the duty of a temple daughter-in-law. I’m glad she didn’t have to go that far at the end of the day. Every one of the love lines got a happy ending ^_^ Kiyomiya is awesome, he deserves a hug. I’m thinking of watching Nobunaga Concerto (信長協奏曲) starring Oguri Shun and Osamu Mukai next. 

On anime front, Rakshasa Street (镇魂街)!!!! I had zero expectations when I started but it’s so damn good story wise. The plot twist was totally unexpected. I was mind-blown! The only character, I wish we didn’t have to deal with is Xia Ling. She was nothing but TROUBLE! Anyway, apart from Xia Ling everything else was enjoyable and interesting imo. It has been adapted into a drama, I wonder how Jiro Wang and An Yue Xi would portray their characters. Most of all, I sincerely hope the writers and producers make Xia Ling’s character less dense and likable, and keep the brotherhood theme. 

So, I had the opportunity to experience Hong Kong’s night life. It was interesting, but damn it’s so crowded at Central lol! I would rather prefer going to less crowded bar with friends than the clubs. Anyway, for the period of time I was there, it was fun and I met a lot of people. 

Song For The Week

Kissing You by E-girls. It’s the longest short version MV I’ve watched lol!! ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

New girl crush!!!

Miki Nakatani!!! I first saw her in JIN. She’s got this graceful elegant aura.

Have an awesome week!!!

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