Happy Sunday #248

Image For The Week

Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico

Saying For The Week

A verse from my favourite bible chapter – Romans 12


—–> Check list and variety shows

On the Anime front, thanks to anime movies I’m halfway through with my pledge. I enjoyed watching Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (The Tale of Princess Kaguya/かぐや姫の物語 – 8 out of 10). The folk tale-theme, creativity and music scores are so good! There were some parts were the art changes to sketches, those scenes coupled with the BGM were entrancing. I admit I teared up at some parts. However, till the end of the movie, I really had no idea why she came from the moon to planet Earth. The sad song she always sung also seemed to be irrelevant to her, it was a song she heard from another woman who visited Earth. Another interesting thing is her childhood friend was willing to elope with her despite having his own family. I was like, “……okay”. I followed up KhnM with Tekkon Kinkreet (Black & White/鉄コン筋クリート – 9 out 0f 10). Now this was the real deal!!! I enjoyed every bit of it! From the plot to the characters to the set. The art itself was on another level. Some unknown language cracked me up though lol!! It was just gibberish hehehe! Next was The Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa/言の葉の庭 – 8 out of 10). The best parts of KnN were the visuals, BGM, and monologues. The drawings of the environment felt so real!!! As for the story, ehmm……there’s nothing impressive. The next anime of my plan to watch list – Mononoke!

It’s Not That I Can’t Marry, But I Don’t Want To (私 結婚できないんじゃなくて, しないんです/Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute, Shinain Desu – 7 out of 10) started out pretty well, but all that back and forth made the story look messy. It’s interesting to see how she had every facet of her life under control except for a love life. Despite all the passion, kisses and supposed chemistry she had with the other men, at the end of the day she chose someone she barely had skinship with. However, when she is around him she didn’t need any strategy. She was simply herself! Her assistant was really cute and very supporting. It’s a nice watch and hilarious. 

Last week’s episode of Running Man ep 374 was really hilarious!! Seeing how Yoo Jae Suk teases Cho Sae Ho every time he guests on RM shows how close they are. This time around, YJS actually led CSH back into the van hahaha!! Finally, Kang Daniel makes an appearance on RM! He got flicked on the head by Yang Se Chan and flung by Kim Jong Kook during the Wrist-Wrestling match. The reaction of the members were hilarious!! Noona Noh Sa Yeon was so clueless about the games hehehe! The outfits for the episode’s theme were interesting and hilarious. The Unlucky group reps dressed up like the gang in The Outlaws (K-movie). Yoo Jas Suk actually looked good in his outfit, whereas Kwang Soo’s outfit was a no-no. He looked like a lamp post hehehe! I have no idea what they are trying to do with Kookie’s character, but he’s becoming cheesier with each new episode and they keep making him do cute stuffs lol!! Let’s just say, throughout the whole 1 hr plus long episode I was cracking up. I did it, I’m all caught up with Gag Concert!! My favourite skits – YOLO Inn starring Kim Jun Ho and Kim Ji Min, oh GOD, those two take tit-for-tats to another level hahaha!!! The person I pity the most is the boyfriend. The characters in Bongsunga School are really funny, especially “Namja”. The make-over he gives the supposedly weak characters is just ridiculously funny hehehe! The Participation Show is very recent. A female member of the audience was asked to join the skit, and of course it featured the handsome faces of Gag Concert – Seo Taehoon, Kim Seongwon and Ryu Geunji lol! The plot was ridiculous but really hilarious! 

Song For The Week

I’m so proud of Highlight!!! They sound and look amazing despite everything that happened this year.  ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

In the memory of a dear Korean actor……

Kim Joo Hyuk!!! …….Rest in peace…..
We will miss you!!!

Have an awesome week!!!


……and happy new month!!!


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