K-Releases: May 2017 Albums!

Goodness, I wonder if I will be able to catch up…..

Here’s the first part of May’s album releases

1. Triple H (트리플 H)

Mini Album – 199X


2. Superbee

Mini Album – How To Be A Happyboy


3. Just Music

우리효과 (We Effect)


4. Lovelyz (러블리즈)

지금, 우리
5. Han Dong Geun (한동근)

Your Diary


6. Romeo (로미오)

Mini Album – One Fine Day (Special Edition)


7. Psy (싸이)



8. Navi (나비)

Mini Album – +Load More


9. Han Yo Han (한요한)



10. VIXX (빅스)

Mini Album – 桃源境/도원경/Shangri-La


11. Twice (트와이스)

Mini Album – Signal


12. Letter Flow (레터 플로우)

누군가의 하루 완성집 (Somebody’s Day)


13. Cherry Factory (체리팩토리)

Mini Album – 화풀어 (Don’t Be Mad)


14. Alice Vicious

Mini Album – Alice in Plastic Land


15. Roy Kim (로이킴)

개화기 (Blooming Season)


16. Seol.A (설아)

미앤유 (Me & You)


17. M.C the Max’s Isu

Mini Album – Inhale


18. The Quiett

Millionaire Poetry


19. Kebee (키비)



20. Ha Dong QN (하동균)

Mini Album – Polygon


21. Who R U? (후아유)

Mini Album – 24시간


22. Primeboi (프라임보이)



23. KCDP

Mini Album – Sidekick


24. Eluphant (이루펀트)

Mini Album – 여행의 기술


25. Seventeen (세븐틴)

Mini Album – AI1


26. Taek

Mini Album – 우린 함께 늘


27. Espresso (에스프레소)

Mini Album – Taste the different kind of Espresso


28. Flowing (흐른)

Mini Album – 바깥의 땅 (The Outside of Lands)


29. Lydia (리디아)

Mini Album – 제발 가지마 (Please, Don’t Go)


30. B.I.G (비아이지)

Mini Album – Hello Hello

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