K-Releases: May 2017 Albums!!

Part 2 —>


Mini Album – Girls (Japanese)


32. Dumbfoundead

Mini Album – Foreigner


33. Changmo (창모)

돈 번 순간


34. Molly.D (몰리디)



35. Loco (로꼬)



36. OVCOCO (오브 코코)

Mini Album – Forest


37. Sunny Side’s MJ (써니사이드)

Mini Album – 다만, 널 사랑해


38. Lucia (심규선)

환상소곡집 Op.1


39. Infinite

Air (Japanese)


40. Rex.D

Mini Album – Log


41. Jazzyfact

Mini Album – Wave Likes


42. 24K (투포케이)

Mini Album – Addiction


43. Baek A Yeon (백아연)

Mini Album – Bittersweet


44. Highlight (하이라이트)

Mini Album – Calling You (Repackage)


45. Astro (아스트로)

Mini Album – Dream Part.1


46. Fromm (프롬)

Mini Album – Reve


47. The Black Skirts (검정치마)

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