K-Releases: May 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!

The first 3 groups are groups I missed in April’s Debut compilation, and the other groups made their debut in May.


1. Double Eight (더블에이트)

The boys have actually been around for 2 years, but they were under another entertainment agency. Anyway, the members officially debut under HY Company with single Booster. Members include Chansol, KZ, Narr, Taeseob, and Euihyeon.


2. WAEB (웹)

Waeb is a duo signed under Jet Factory Entertainment. Members include – Wanna and Jebb. The duo debut with Party. 


3. 8Loop (에잇루프)

Another duo, members consist of TE.O and kursor. The duo made their debut with mini album – Dawn 01:14. Below is a track from the album – Dreamer


4. Honeyst (허니스트)

A new addition to FNC Entertainment, which is home to CN Blue and FT Island. Members consist of Dong Seong (leader, bassist), Cheol Min (guitar), Kim Hwan (guitar), and Seung Sook (drums). Honeyst debuts with Like You (반하겠어)


5. A.C.E (에이스)

A.C.E a 5 member boygroup makes its debut with Cactus under Beat Interactive. Members consist of Donghun, Wow, Jun, Jason, and Chan. 


6. Kriesha Chu (크리샤 츄)

Kriecha Chu a Filipino-American solo singer signed with Urban Works. Below is her 1st Single Album.


7. South Club

South Club consists of Nam Tae Hyun (former member of Winner), Getku, Won Young, and Myung. South Club debuts with Hug Me under South Club Buyers.


8. S2U (에스투유)

Another group that have been around for a while now but under a different name – Very Berry. Some members of the former group redebut as S2U with Zzz (잠이 안 와). These members include – Miu, Soojeong, and Seeun.


9. Girls Alert (소녀주의보)

Girls Alert is a 5 member girl group under Roots Entertainment and Alpaca Productions. Members include Gyeoul, Jisung, Seulbi, Saetbyeol, and Gooseul. Below is the group’s debut song 소녀지몽 (Dreamgirls)



1. SHINee’s Onew X Rocoberry (온유, 로코베리)

수면제 (Lullaby)


2. Exy X Euna Kim (엑시, 유나킴)

러브테라피 (Lover Therapy) Feat. Zia


3. Han So Ah X Jung Soo Wan (한소아, 정수완)



4. Hitchhiker X Taeyong



5. Kiggen X Dawngongbang (키겐, 새벽공방)

별들도 눈감은밤 (Starlight Love 2017)


6. HUS X Risso (허밍어반스테레오, 리소)

Hide & Seek


7. Paek In Tae X You Seulgi (백인태, 유슬기)

Mini Album – 듀에토 (Duetto)


8. Myron Mckinley

SM Station – E-12


9. Yoon Jong Shin X Parc Jae Jung (윤종신, 박재정)

2017 월간 윤종신 5월호 – 여권 (Passport)


10. Kim Sehwang X Kim Jungmo (김세황 X 김정모)



11. Jongsub X Hyunjin (종섭&현진)

포켓샌드 SONG (ㅍㅋㅅㄷ/Pocket Sand Song)


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