K-Releases: June 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. Elris

Elris is a 5 member girl group signed with Hunus Entertainment. Members include – Bella (leader), Hyesung, Yukyung, Sohee, and Karin (maknae). The girls made their debut with mini album “We, First”.


2. G-reyish

A four member girl group consisting of Hyunseo, Shinyoung, Yena and Yeso. G-reyish is managed by Elijah Entertainment. The girls debuted with 쟈니고고 (Johnny Go Go).


3. S.E.T (에스이티)

S.E.T is a trio – Soon.E, Eun.E, and Tae.E. As you must have noticed, the name of the group was derived from the initials of the member’s names. The girls are under Hoonstar Entertainment. Nalari is the group’s debut song.


4. VERMUDA (버뮤다)

On to the boys, Vermuda is a 5 member boy group signed with JJJ Entertainment. Members include; Choi Seon, Na Kang, Jun, Je1, and U (maknae). Triangle is the group’s first discography.


5. Elvin Crew (엘빈 크루)

HICC Entertainment debuts Elvin Crew, a 5 member boy group. Members consist of Noa, Siwoo, Woojoo, Jonathan, and Josh.Elvin Crew makes debut with Good Girl.


6. Nicky Park (니키 박)

Nicky Park debuts as a solo singer with Fly High.



1. UV X Super Junior’s Shindong

SM Station – Marry Man


2. Park Boram X Car X The Garden X gugudan

Story About : 썸, 한달 Episode 2


3. Vinicius (비니셔스)

SM Station – 쉽게 (Easy)


4. Block B’s Taeil X gugudan’s Sejeong (태일X세정)

좋아한다 안 한다


5. BolBBalgan X 20 Years of Age (볼빨간사춘기, 스무살)

남이 될 수 있을까 (We Loved)


6. Hong Dae Kwang X Kei (홍대광, Kei (러블리즈))

Story About : 썸, 한달 Episode 3 – 연애하고 싶어


7. Astrid Holiday

SM Station – New Beginning


8. SKULL X Tiger JK (스컬, 타이거JK)

Here to Stay


9. Stella Jang X Kisum X O.When (스텔라장, 키썸, 오왠)

Story About : 썸, 한달 Episode 4 – 늦은 저녁 이른 새벽


10. Sool J X Yezi X Ultima (술제이, 예지, 울티마)*

도망가 (Runaway)


11. Jang Jin Young X The Barberettes (장진영 X 바버렛츠)

SM Station – Stranger’s Love


12. HNB (박우담, 우진영, 정원철, 조용근)

빛이 될게 (Be Your Light)


13. Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신)

2017 월간 윤종신 6월호 – 끝 무렵


14. HUS X Banjax (허밍어반스테레오, 밴젝스)



15. BTOB’s Peniel (프니엘)

Piece of BTOB Vol.3 – That Girl


16. Roy Kim X Kim Sun Jae (로이킴, 김선재)

Story About : 썸, 한달 Episode 5 – 너에겐 져버릴 거야 – 로이킴


17. Hyolyn X Kisum (효린, 키썸)

Fruity (Prod by GroovyRoom)


18. NC.A X Sugarbowl (앤씨아, 슈가볼)

읽어주세요 (Love Me)


19. IMLAY X Sik-K

데칼코마니 (Decalcomanie)


20. Jay Park X Dok2

니가 싫어하는 노래 (Most Hated) 


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