Happy Sunday #251

Image For The Week

I miss Glühwein!!! 

Saying For The Week

Note to Self


—-> Variety shows and check list

I had no idea Lucky already left Abnormal Summit until I watched ep 144 😦 But not to worry I still catch him and other former Abnormal Summit members on IG XDD *stalker mode on* While watching Running Man ep 377 yesterday, I decided to take to twitter. The episode got me cracking up so badly, my stomach hurt lol!! The 5 second game was the BEST, followed by the reenactment of random K-drama romance scenes hehehe!!

I got around to marathoning the last eps of We Got Married As A Job (Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu/逃げるは恥だが役に立つ) and I LOVED it!!!! If you saw my tweets, you would be wondering, what the sudden rave was all about lol!! I was kinda trying to killing 2 birds with one stone; rave about the show and also dish out series of tweets since I haven’t done that in a while. Forget Twitter, back to WGMAAJ. As I wrote previously, I like the format; all those monologues, their new take on day-dreaming, how different and yet connected the characters are and of course the plot is really refreshing. I would say some parts were a bit exaggerated though lol! WGMAAJ touches on a variety of relationship issues and themes – friendships, co-workers, first-love, divorces, noona romance (my favourite), gay (kinda glossed over it), contract marriage (main focus and refreshing perspective), and marriage in its totality. Other issues included – independent working class women, housewives, and single working mothers. All these topics weren’t just generalized but there were figures in relation to the Japanese society. Apart from the fact that I finally get to see Ryohei Otani in a Japanese show, I was able to relate with the character Yuri-chan. I was on cloud 9 when their ship officially officially sailed! Each character was like a puzzle and once fitted together created such a wonderful picture. The ending credit dance is so freaking cute!!!! Needless to say, I rated the show 10 points out of 10 points *inserts 2PM’s debut song* I haven’t decided which Jdrama to watch next though. I’m still mulling over my list.

I handed in my research proposal on Friday!! It’s not a final version though, however I just have to wait for comments from my supervisors and make the necessary corrections. With the proposal out of the way, I had a bit of time to do some blogging and C-novel reading. Most importantly, a really relaxing weekend without my mind drifting to research papers to read or literature reviews to write. I still have a literature review to submit though, but I’m still in talks with one of my supervisors. 

Song For The Week

Yes, finally found it!!! GAKKI- Koi dance, ENJOY!!!! (P.S – no idea who the dude in black suit is, I didn’t see him in the show lol)

Eye Candy For The Week

Give it up for *drum rollsssss*

Ryohei Otani!!!! He started out as a jerk and ended up being such a sweet soul in WGMAAJ. I actually first saw him on Korean shows (variety shows and movies) lol!
He was in Venice recently for a function.


Miura Shohei and RyoheI Otani!!!!!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – tumblr_oeykpbz2lm1rzadffo1_500


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