Happy Sunday #256 *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018*

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week


—-> Check list & Variety shows

Woah!!! This is the last day of the year 2017. I initially planned on having such a well-written review for 2017, but that ain’t working at the moment……Since today is the last day, and it also happened to be on a Sunday…… So imma just put them all in one post – Jumbo Happy Sunday edition!!! Hehehe!!

First, just so you peeps know, my challenge was such a fail this year lol!! 

  • Goodreads challenge (Books/comics) – 34/60
  • Movies – 50/50
  • Animes – 10/10
  • Dramas – 64/74
    • K-drama – 15/15
    • J-drama – 13/15
    • CH-drama – 10/10
    • TW-drama – 3/5
    • Lakorn – 21/25
    • Turkish Dizi – 2/4

Okay, maybe it wasn’t totally an epic fail, but I barely read half of the books/comics I pledged to read on Goodreads. And for drama challenge, I’m still missing 1o dramas. I guess I overestimated myself this year or I just plainly had bad time management. However, if we count all the scientific research papers I read in these past months, I would have easily finished my Goodreads challenge, but there aren’t scientific papers on Goodreads lol!!!

Next on the agenda, my top picks – movies, books and dramas for this year 2017



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Chinese/Taiwanese dramas

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I personally feel really blessed this year, lots of stuff happened, mostly Uni related – Got my master degree, and a PhD position even before I finished my Master program, spent time with family & friends, got to know some real awesome people, both on and offline. It was really an awesome year overall, of course there were some hitches here and there. But I’m super grateful! Internationally, it has been exhausting – more bombings and killings, racist comments and groups all over the place, natural disasters, diplomatic tensions and the list goes on and on. I pray we have a better year in 2018 – more love, open-mindedness, forgiveness, better diplomacy, security and peace! 

Plans for 2018??!! There are a number of ideas floating in my head….. Let’s wait and see 🙂

Song For The Week

So, I’ve been grooving to the 70s all week, here’s Kool & The Gang with Celebration, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

What better way to end this year!? This week’s eye candies have got an awesome blend of  timeless class, style and swag.

Kim Hye Soo!!!
Jin Dong!!!
Ken T. and Noon Woranuch!!! This pairing is simply just wonderful!! They are both killing it in Ra Rerng Fai aka Rapturous Flame!!

Have an awesome week!!!




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