K-Releases: August 2017 Singles!

I really don’t want to leave this feature hanging…….so…here comes the compilation for August 2017.

1. Joo Won Tak (주원탁)

Baby Goodnight


2. SF9

Easy Love (Japanese)



Our Twenty For


4. Monsta X

Beautiful (Japanese)


5. Fromm (프롬)

Linda Linda 


6. Reddy (레디)

즐겨 Feat. Chancellor


7. Tritops (트리탑스)

백일홍 (Zinnia)


8. Juniel (주니엘)

Last Carnival


9. Swings (스윙스)

어차피 (In The End) Feat. Justhis Prod by. Nochang


10. Gugudan’s OGUOGU (구구단 오구오구)

Ice Chu 


11. Eddy Kim (에디킴)

이제는 (Now) 


12. Rubber Soul (러버소울)

Beautiful Women


13. Yurisangja (유리상자)

신부에게 (To My Bride)


14. Ra.D (라디)

Drive Away 2


15. Kim Geung Young (김긍정)



16. Yonko (욘코)

물음표 (? – Question Mark) Feat. PLZY, Jomalone


17. PD Blue (PD 블루)

빠빠야 빠빠


18. Nolza (놀자)



19. Images (이미지스)

Hello Hello


20. DJ Juice 

더쎄게 (Love Me Harder) Feat. Skull, Sanchez


21. Tymee (타이미)

우주라잌 (Would You Like)


22. Suran (수란)

슬픈 아픔 (Sad Pain)


23. DinDin (딘딘)

#드라이브 (#Drive)


24. Lara (라라)

Quorum Sensing 


25. Cosmic Color 

Play Love


26. Cheska (체스카)



27. Lydia (리디아)

져 주면 안되니


28. Loco (로꼬)

Summer Go Loco


29. The Solutions (솔루션스)

Love Again


30. Faver (페이버)

Double You 


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