K-Releases: August 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. The Rose (더로즈)

The Rose is a 4 member group signed under J & Star Company. Members include – Hajoon, Woosung, Dojoon, and Jaehyung. The ROSE made their debut with “Sorry”


2. Apple.B (애플비)

Apple.B, a 5 member girl group signed with GH Entertainment. Members include; Yoo rim, Sandy, Yu Ji, Ha Eun, and Hyun Min. The girls debut with “우쭈쭈”


3. S2 (에스투)

S2, a 6 member girl group made their debut with mini album – 허니야 (Honeya). The girls are artists of Climix Entertainment. Members consist of  – Chaewon, Soyul, Jooah, Dohee, Suah, adn Yujeong.


4. Wanna One (워너원)

Wanna One consists of 11 members, who survived the second season of Project 101. The group is promoting under YMC Entertainment. Members include – Yoon Ji Seong (leader), Ha Sung Woon, Hwang Min Hyun, Ong Seong Wu, Kim Jae Hwan, Kang Daniel, Park Ji Hoon, Park Woo Jin, Bae Jin Young, Lee Dae Hwi, and Lai Guan Li (maknae). Wanna One debuts with mini album – 1X1= (To Be One).


5. Golden Child (골든차일드)

Another 11-member group added to the list of artists under Woollim Entertainment. Members include – Daeyeol (leader), Y, Jang Jun, TAG, Seung Min, Jae Hyun, Ji Beom, Dong Hyun, Joo Chan, Bo Min, and Jae Seok (former member). Golden Child made its debut with mini album – Gol-cha.


6. Good Day (굿데이)

Another large group, but this time a 10-member female group signed under C9 Entertainment. Members include – Hee Jin (leader), Genie, Cherry, Chae Sol, Na Yoon, Ji Won, Ha Eun, Viva, Bo Min, and Lucky. The girls made their debut with All Day Good Day, a mini album.


7. IZ (아이즈)

IZ is 4 member boy band signed with Music K Entertainment. Members consist of Woo Soo (drum), Hyun Jun (guitar), Ji Hoo (Leader, guitar, and vocal), and Jun Young (bass). IZ debuts with All You Want, a mini album.


8. Jeong Sewoon (정세운)

A solo singer signed with Starship Entertainment. He makes his debut with mini album – Ever.



1. Block B’s Park Kyung

Space Oddity Project Vol.1


2. Cheon Dambi X Super Junior’s Yesung (천단비, 예성)

오늘따라 조금 더 (Today, A Bit More)


3. Huh Gak X Apink X Victon (허각, 에이핑크, 빅톤)

Plan A – Third Episode – 오아시스 (Oasis)


4. Yoo Young Jin X NCT’s Taeyong (유영진, 태용)

SM Station – 함께 (Cure)


5. Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo (윤민수)

SR Project Vol.1 – 애한 (당신이 싫어요)


6. ALi X Cheetah (알리, 치타)

Don’t Speak


7. DAY6

Every DAY6 August – 좋은걸 뭐 어떡해 (What Can I Do)


8. Yang Da Il X Seventeen’s DK (양다일, 도겸)

한 편의 너 (A Piece of You)


9. BTOB’s Minhyuk

Piece of BTOB Vol.5 – Purple Rain


1o. Penomeco

SM Station – Hunnit


11. Z. Nu X Feel Good (지뉴, 필굿)



12. Skull & HaHa X Lee Sun Bin

One Love


13. Moon Hyuna X Euaerin (문현아, 이유애린)

Doong Doong


14. Sonamoo (소나무)

Happy Box Part.1 – Friday Night


15. Jane Jang X Giantpink X Perc%nt (장재인, 자이언트핑크, PERC%NT)

SM Station – Dumb Dumb


16. Red Velvet

SM Station – 환생 (Rebirth)


17. Dalcom Energy X Liel (달콤에너지, 리엘)

이제는 안녕 (Farewell)


18. #Gun X Pismo

Sunflower Dance Feat. Kebee


19. LimJi X Vintage Chord (림지, 빈티지코드)

차단 (Interception)


20. Rainbow’s Jisook X BTOB’s Ilhoon (지숙, 정일훈)



21. Yoo Seung Woo X Younha (유승우, 윤하)

티가나 (Can’t Stop This Feeling)


22. Stanley Clarke X Myron Mckinley Trio

SM Station – Man in the Mirror


23. CAS.T X Flower Kim (캐스티, 김꽃)

우주, 밤


24. Kuzway X Bleo (커즈웨이, 블레오)

You and I


25. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae (육성재)

A Piece of BTOB Vol.6


26. Trophy Cat X Edward Avila


2 thoughts on “K-Releases: August 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!

    1. LOL! You can try the following numbers – 5, 13 (summer song), 15, 17, and 19-23. No. 22 is an instrumental of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. Most of the songs are either ballad-like or pop.


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