K-Releases: September 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


Surprisingly, it appears like there was barely any new group this month, but who knows I might have missed a rookie group…..

1. GreatGuys (멋진녀석들)

A 9-member boy group I missed in August edition. The boys are signed with DNA Entertainment, members include – Jae I, Ho Ryeong, Han Eul, Da Un, Dong Hwi, Dong In, Hwal Chan, Ui Yeon, and Baek Gyeol. Great Guys made its debut with Last Men.



DSEL is the newest addition to the list of hip-hop artist signed to Layback Records. He debuts with mini album – 00



1. San E X Penomeco X Microdot

Fresh Up


2. DAY6

Every DAY6 September – I Loved You


3. SNSD’s Yoona

SM Station – 바람이 불면 (When The Wind Blows)


4. Jay Park X Double K X Boi.B (박재범, 더블케이, 보이비)*



5. Jung Dong Ha X Paul Kim (정동하, 폴킴)



6. HAHA X Ice Puff X Zizo X H2adin (하하, 지조, 이동민, 조원우)

What Sub?


7. SNSD’s Sunny X Henry

SM Station – U & I


8. Sik-K X Jay Park X pH-1

iffy Prod. by GroovyRoom


9. Ryu Jun Yeol (류준열)

Mixxxture Project Vol.2 – 어떻게


10. Teen Top’s Niel X Justhis (니엘, 저스디스)

Love Affair 2 – 잘 지내?  (What’s good?)


11. Loona Odd Eye Circle (이달의 소녀 오드 아이 써클)

Mix & Match


12. IMLAY X Laura Brehm

SM Station – Daylight 



SM Station – Drop


14. Justhis X Paloalto (저스디스, 팔로알토)

Cooler Than The Cool Feat. Huckleberry P


15. H.ONE X Justin Oh



16. DBSK’s Max

SM Station – 여정 (In A Different Life)


17. Eric Nam X Cheeze 

Your BGM Vol.1 – Perhaps Love


18. DAY6

Every DAY6 October


19. Yellow Bench X Go Na Young (옐로우벤치, 고나영)

연애수첩 (Lover Diary) Part.5 


20. Block B

Block B Project-1 (Type Red)


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