Happy Sunday #259

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week


—-> Checklists and Variety shows

Funny enough I haven’t actively started doing any drama, anime or movie watching….. I’m passively watching Head Above Water and Mr Right. Passively, meaning watching an episode in 2 days lol!! Anyway, both shows star Jin Dong 😀 I’m still in the phase where I’m organising my thoughts and list of priority. There’s actually one show I keep commenting on even though I haven’t started watching it properly, Ra Rerng Fai lol!! I just watch highlights, cuts and spoilers on IG and YT, and since I know the overall gist, I join in the discussions, raves and rants hehehe!! Whoever reads my comment will totally think I’m currently watching the show lol!! One other thing is the subs are pretty slow, so I’m doing all of that while waiting for subs. What I’m actually taking seriously are Korean variety shows – Running Man, 2 Days 1 Night, Infinite Challenge, Abnormal Summit and Gag Concert.

Over in C-novel-land, I’m waiting patiently for the weekly translations of The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. A friend also shared Qidian’s site with me, so I’m perusing through the database and sorting out which novels to start.

I had such authentic and wonderful Indian food during the weekend, goodness!!! Each of the dishes (roasted whole chicken, curry, chicken biryani, naan, and salad sauce) we had was so good!!! I’m definitely going back with another set of friends lol!! 

I ran my first gel electrophoresis during the week and of course, I have to repeat it in the coming week lol!! I messed up one of the loading mixtures. That’s what happens if one doesn’t pay proper attention…..

Song For The Week

I was going to post another song of Fela Kuti but moved that to next week. I just can’t get enough of Zayde Wolf’s Walk Through The Fire Feat. Ruelle, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Both the model and headpieces simply SLAY!!!!

South Sudanese model Nyamouch Girwath!!

Have an awesome week

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