Happy Sunday #261

Image For The Week

Peggielene Bartels (Ghana), first female King in Africa. Goodness, it’s pretty difficult to find a decent picture of African Queens.

Saying For The Week

Happy New Month!!!


Still no variety shows. I’m either watching Home Sweet Home, reading them C-novels or doing actual work lol!!

I’m enjoying every bit of Home Sweet Home, except for when Sylvia shows up on the screen. We need to see less of her…. I can’t seem to sympathize with her. She was the one who initiated the separation and divorce. Now that Xiao Lai is starting to move on, she decides to waltz back in. Also, Xiao Lai needs to get a grip, he really should either tell Yvonne about Sylvia or clean up the mess before taking further steps with Yvonne. But as we all know without all these entanglements, there will be no drama lol! As for Little Sheep, I want to feel sorry for him, but yeah lol! In my opinion, the most dangerous character in HSH is Lucky! His character also outshines some of the so-called main characters. I also want a Lucky!!

It is a moment of rest for Tang Ning in Trial Marriage, and the author has turned her focus on Long Jie and Lu Che. Those two are pretty cute and hilarious!! Their ship is still a bit shaky at the moment. I feel the author keeps picking on the fact that Long Jie is on the chubby side, not fair, author. As for The Malicious Empress, whoever believes our little Marquis is dead doesn’t know a thing! Apparently, I think it’s about time the author started dropping hints about the events that took place after the death of SM. So far so good, all the events that have taken place after the return of SM are events she’s well acquainted with. Anyway, I’m glad Luo Sui wants to resurrect the Luo’s army. It’s about time he did that. After catching up with Trial Marriage, I decided to begin The King’s Avatar (全职高手) by Butterfly Blue (蝴蝶蓝).

So at the moment, I’m on The King’s Avatar 3s – Novel, anime and drama. The drama hasn’t started airing yet, I think it’s slated for this year. The novel is currently being translated on Qidian, last time I checked, the translator was on chapter 900 and something. As for the anime, the first season is out and subbed in English. I hear there’s a sequel. Not sure if it’s real or a rumour. Anyway, I started the anime. I like it!!!! I’m trying to pluck the courage to dive into the novel, while I wait for the drama to air.

I had a number of fun things this week – Playdough and leather DIY workshops, and my Hall’s Welcome Dinner. The leather workshop almost broke my back…. the difficult part was the stitching *phew* After 2 and a half hours I was able to make something lol! I’m slowly beginning to understand the life of PhD… It’s annoying how one procedure can affect your whole result…. *shudders* Let’s not think about that for now lol!

Song For The Week

I totally abused the replay button on YouTube because of this song. Choppy by Sik-K Feat. Neo Hae In, Prod. by BOYCOLD!!! ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

This week’s eye candy………

Aamito Lagum, a Ugandan model. Behind the scenes, on the set of shooting for ELLE.

Striding the runway during the New York Fashion Week

Have an awesome week!

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