Happy Sunday #271

Image For The Week

Bhuppae Sunniwat ended last week!! And a trailer for BS 2 was released. BS has given Lakorns a boost of a whole new level, gaining so many international fans.

Saying For The Week

A note to self too….


—-> Checklist

So yeah, that was my thought at the beginning of the week….. So, during the course of the week, conducted some experiments, wrote summaries on seminars, finished watching Memory Lost series, went back to watching The Truth Seekers (Singaporean TV show), watched the movie version of You Are My Sunshine starring Yang Mi, Angelababy and Huang Xiao Ming, and went hiking. 

TTS is a crime private detective show, with bits of insights into the lives of the main characters. Each case runs for an average of 3 episodes. I’m no detective, but I don’t think it’s right to share information of cases with family members. I mean, isn’t that the number 1 rule? However, TTS doesn’t seem to see a problem with that, from ep 7, the daughter even takes part in a case. And this chic doesn’t even know the first thing about thinking before acting -_-  And the female detective (Yu-yang), so-called ex-cop is so rash and impatient. If the cases were left in her case, their covers and cases would have been blown so many times. Anywho, it’s still pretty interesting to watch. Memory Lost series was really interesting, but some of the scenes showing the police force/Black Shield in action were really cringy lol!! I don’t mind intelligent officers, but this particular trait made the main characters come off as really conceited. But all of that aside, the relationship within the Alphabet Syndicate and Black Shield was really moving and praise-worthy. I had no qualms with the ending, and I don’t think there would be another season. Memory Lost is Ding Mo’s third book turned-into-drama that I’ve seen. The other 2 are – When A Snail Falls In Love and Love Me If You Dare. There’s another book of Ding Mo – Glamorous Times, adapted into a drama and will air this year on Dragon Tv. However, unlike LMIYD, WASFIL and ML, I don’t think GT’s book has been translated into English yet.

Song For The Week

Lucile by B. B. King, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Isn’t she cute? hehehe

Song Ji Hyo!!!!

Have an awesome week!!



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