Happy Sunday #274

Image For The Week

My friend and I had this yesterday. My oh my!! They were delicious~~~

Saying For The Week


—-> Checklist & Variety show

As usual, I started a couple of new dramas whilst the ones I started are yet to be finished -_- I keep wondering who or what I should blame lol!! I guess I can only blame my short attention span. The new dramas are all lakorns, and are currently airing and simultaneously being subbed. A Ch3 drama – Sanae Rak Nang Cin starring Alek & Pream as pranang, and 2 Ch7 dramas – Panthakarn Rak with Mookda & Bank, and Sampatarn Hua Jai having Weir & Thisa as pranangs. I have seen the first 2 eps of both SRNC and PR, they look pretty interesting, each character seems to be immersed in their roles. PR has really funny sound effects, that make it fun to watch. However, when used too often, it turns into a distraction. I have a soft spot for both Alek and Pream, so you can guess where I’m leaning towards lol!!

Netflix’s Korean variety show Busted was released this weekend. It looks exciting from its trailer, I wonder how many episodes Busted will have. 

As the semester is drawing to a close, I’ve been helping out with supervising exams/tests and marking multiple choice questions. In addition to that, there are reports that need to be handed in. Hence, a pretty interesting week in general. 

Song For The Week

Jess Glynne’s new song – I’ll Be There. ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

The boys from Sanae Rak Nang Cin. From L-R; Peach, Alek and Pon!!

Have an awesome week & Happy new month!!!

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