Happy Sunday #277

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It reminds me of the app – Design Home.

Saying For The Week


—> Variety shows and Checklist

Full focus was on Sanae Rak Nang Cin, as its last episode was on Friday, and to celebrate, I joined in the fun live!! Yup, tuned in via my Ch3 app. Imma still need to wait for the subs to understand some dialogues I was clueless about. I would rate it 8 out of 10. I liked the plot, they gave the Cinderella story a different twist and feel. We’ve got shoes, step mum, step-siblings, dashing Prince, godmother (well, in this case, godfather lol). The character I detested the most was Patchara. God, I don’t wish for my enemies to have a mother like her. It’s a N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E!! Not only for the children but every single person related to the family in any way. The character which surprised me was actually Touch. One did think, he would be easy to manipulate due to how weak, docile and sheltered his character is. Characters that we could do without – that would probably go to Phu’s parents – Mum and Dad lol!! Like seriously, I can’t believe they couldn’t do anything about Phu being cornered by Pat. I think Peach’s acting as Wat was also on point. As for Barami, meh he was such a coward. I get Pat is unbelievable, but to think that staying quiet and allowing her to run rampant like a rabid dog would solve anything, is such wishful thinking on his part. IMO, he never actually had the guts to take the initiative. But at least, he tried talking to Vicky and Pong every now and then but in the absence of Pat. It’s so interesting to see how rich in love and care Prim was in comparison to the supposedly perfect family Pat was running. The only thing that family had was money. Nothing else but money! I think Vicky did love Prim, but thanks to the guidance of her mum, that love got twisted into something monstrous. There was this moment when Pong told his mum straight to her face how he finally understands why the relationship between her and his dad turned out the way it is. It was pretty heartbreaking… The final blow was when he went on to say he did rather go live with Prim. But of course Pat went into full-blown rage instead, no parental alarm set off. I love the fin moments between how pranangs – Phu & Prim, Touch & Rita, and Wat & Boot. It’s nice to see how these rich kids changed after they met with our 3 Cinderellas. It covered most themes dramas with rich-guy-falls-for-poor-girl would cover and more considering how everyone knew everyone in SRNC. 

No Panthakan Ruk for this week, however, I kept stalking Ch7’s YT account for snippets and previews hehehe!! 

*drum rolls* My Hero Series #1 – Matuphoom Haeng Huajai (มาตุภูมิแห่งหัวใจ) has started!! I also had the chance to catch the first episode live. It’s been a while I’ve seen Great in a show. On the Hero series, we’ve got Boy, Great, Louis, Top, and Toey!! I think each arc will probably won’t be more than 9-10 eps long. That’s just my prediction, considering the storylines. I like what I see in the first ep of the first arc. The pranangs for the first arc is Boy Pakorn and Chippy. Male leads are acquainted, male lead, Ben lost someone precious and that seems to be his motivation to work hard. The antagonists seem to also be on the move, eventhough it’s only the first episode. The mothers here appear to be caring and easy-going. So I’m hoping we won’t be having any mum becoming delulu lol!! Siblings are also nice and playful. The mix of romance and action also appear to be okay. The second episode will air tonight!!!

Episode 5 of Lawless Lawyer!! It’s interesting to see how Judge Cha and CEO An are underestimating Bong Sang Pil. They are so confident in the resources, money and power in their possession. But of course, I understand. They’ve been unchallenged in 18 years, it hard to believe a newcomer like Lawyer Bong Sang Pil will be able to make a dent. However, they are in for a MEGA surprise, not only will he make a dent, he’s gonna drag their lame selves to jail with that same law they so much treasure. I kinda feel sorry for Ha Jae Yi, idolizing the very person who killed her mum for years and even after she learns of the truth, she can’t do a thing. At least not yet. As for An Oh Ju, this dude is really stupid, I thought he wouldn’t get any stupidier after what he pulled in ep 4, apparently he’s dumber than I thought. I think he is the weak link to Judge Cha. The preview of ep 6 is so awesome!!! 

I went on a life-changing hike during the week. Well, life-changing is a bit of an exaggeration lol! It was so freaking hot and steep, no joking. I had to go on fours to climb so places. Looking back it was fun and adventurous, but let’s say once is enough lol! I have pictures posted up.

Song For The Week

Matuphoom Haeng Huajai’s OST, ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Boy Pakorn & Chippy as Ben & Mohr!!

Have an awesome week!!!

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