Happy Sunday #280

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The Ruins of St. Paul, Macau

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—-> Variety shows and checklist

So, My Hero series #2 – Montra Lai Hong (มนตราลายหงส์) aired its first ep on Friday. And of course, I did not fail to miss it!! Great Warintorn is the male lead in this part. Inasmuch as I’m happy for him taking such a non-suit role, I’m yet to process his role in this series. Anyway, after checking out ep 1, it’s not really as bad as I thought. But then again I’m super bias when it comes to Great, so yeah lol! Since I’m lazy, I’ll just copy paste what I wrote in a chat thread lol; my first impression – “Although the promotion of this arc was centered on dance, the first episode was more mystery than dance. I guess the writer is trying to set the foundation. The most suspicious person is Patsakorn’s rival, but I doubt he would go that far. Then there are 2 mystery persons – in all black with a hoodie and the other is dressed as a female and looks like one, but the face was never shown. There’s Te (a close friend of Patsakorn), he’s more in a bad shape when Patsakorn’s girlfriend woke in comparison to when he went to visit Patsakorn in the hospital. It makes me wonder if he has feelings for Patsakorn’s girlfriend. Waenploy is okay, she seems brave also (she took a punch in the face for Patsakorn), not an easy feat lol! I felt the acting was a bit stiff in some scenes, but I think everyone is getting warmed up into their character”.

Between I watched the first 30 mins of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까). Oh my goodness, I was sucked in right from the first ep!! I was cracking up so badly lol!! The possibility of me watching it is pretty high. I also found out, it’s actually adapted from a Webtoon with the same title. I’m definitely going to check it out, hopefully, there’s an English translation out there.

Russia 2018, I keep saying I will watch the matches live. Yeah, yeah, I only watched one match (Uruguay vs Egypt) and it was the last 10-15 mins. However, I saw the goal scored by Jose Gimenez hehehe! I wonder how the rest of the matches will go in Groups E, F, G and H. I’m looking forward to Germany vs Mexico!! 

I can finally cross Macau off my list. Thanks to a friend visiting HK, we both went to Macau on Saturday. It was an interesting and exciting trip. But one thing though, it was different from what I expected lol!! I didn’t have high expectations, but I guess after listening to people who have visited Macau, my expectations had subconsciously risen lol! I was very glad that my friend and I actually visited the residential and Portuguese areas and not just the Venetian and Parisian. The contrast between both areas is pretty huge, I wasn’t expecting that such a difference. We did a lot of walking and the soles of my feet hurt, no kidding lol! I guess it’s partly due to the footwear I had on. For those who want to visit Macau, do venture to the old towns, there are lots more to see and enjoy there. Due to time constraints, there are places we couldn’t visit. Pictures and videos should be up in some hours.

Two things I’m looking forward to this week – The Dragon Boat festival and my conference trip to Australia!!!

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Eye Candy For The Week

Couples in Montra Lai Hong…..

Great & Saimai as Patsakorn & Waenploy!

Have an awesome week!!

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