Happy Sunday #284

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Anime watching groove on!!! I finally got around to finish watching Mushishi (蟲師 – 8/10), and went on to watch the first part of Mushishi: Zoku Shou (蟲師 続章 – 8/10), both of which were pretty awesome!! I wanted a change from the supernatural theme, so I followed up with two historical movies; Haguregemo (浮浪雲 – 7.5/10), and Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai (百日紅~Miss HOKUSAI~ – 8/10). Haguregemo is a pretty old anime, released in 1982.

Legend of Fuyao!! On Viki, where I’m watching the show. There are 32 eps, however, on YT I saw the previews for eps 36 and 37. I wonder if the previews were released in advance or Viki is a week behind. Anyway, it’s nothing. It’s just an observation I picked up. In last week’s ep, after the wings of delusional and greedy PM were firmly clipped and Yun Hen rises from being PM’s errand boy (refinedly put, right-hand) to the new King of Deep Waters, Crown Prince Wu Ji removes the first seal of Fuyao. He also replaced the five-coloured stone necklace around her neck with his mystic-leaf necklace. Anyway, with his mission accomplished and Dr’s revenge carried out, they both make their exit and headed back to Megrez. On the other hand, Xiao Qi finds Fuyao and they also set out, away from Deep Waters. They run into the second Princess of the Plough nation, who due to some circumstance gave Fuyao her badge. Now Fuyao has another identity lol! Her new mission is to go into Megrez as Princess Folian to resolve both a political and personal matter. In Megrez, she, of course, runs into both Dr. and Wu Ji. I love reunions!! She also met the tyrant Royal First Son and the Empress aka Wu Ji’s mum. And of course, she’s thrown into the political mess in the Megrez empire. Apparently, there seem to be phenomena issues occurring in all 5 nations. So, envoys from all the nations have gathered to come up with solutions and also attend the marriage alliance between the Megrez empire and Plough nation (Fame & Wealth). Annoying Royal First Son wants to snatch the position of the groom, Wu Ji can’t be bothered about the engagement, but his Mum has a different opinion. As for Dr. we get to know more about him. For starters, he’s a bully lol!!! And secondly, he gave 40 years of his life to Fei Yan (Bad news!!). As at ep 32, every envoy is present in Megrez, and different factions are also beginning to make their move. Hence, the game is on!

Another week without any variety show, but what can be done? There’s just so much to do, but so little time.

Song For The Week

The Queen has released a new song – You & Me, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

I have something different for this week lol!! I found them on Tumblr and I like the styles!!

Random? Yeah, but me likey lol!

Have an awesome week!!

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Just a little reminder


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