Happy Sunday #286

Image For The Week

This is so cool! The blood moon as seen in Athens, Greece, 27 July 2018. It’s flanked at both sides by Hera and Apollo.

Saying For The Week


—-> Variety show & Checklist

I was at the cinema to watch Incredibles 2 (9/10)!! Jack-Jack takes home the MVP award, how can he have that MANY powers?!?! The kids, in general, did an awesome job in saving the adults. Jack-Jack vs. Racoon’s scene is just pure gold lol!! I feel only Edna knows about Jack-Jack’s power of mimicking physical appearance. Reason being, when he did that, Bob already passed out on the sofa due to fatigue, poor him. Now he knows what it means to stay with the children lol!

After the episodes of Legend of Fuyao I watched this past week, I can confidently say, that something bad always happens every second episode. It is either death is out to get them or they are the ones courting death. Also, one would think Fuyao won’t be as rash as before, but nope. She just charges head-on, with no strategy and then she ends up needing help. The Emperor Father has really got to go, he claims to do everything for the Five Regions. Yeah right, he is! He’s just a paranoid, old man at death’s door, who is struggling to still have everything other his control. I would really love for Wuji to take action against him, instead of facing Prince Virtue. One more thing, Legend of Fuyao needs to be dubbed The Legend of a 1000 ways to Die lol!

I finally got around to finishing Moonshine and Valentine. I don’t have any qualms with the ending. It was pretty obvious, that one of them would have to die to end that cruel cycle. My favourite characters have got to be Qianhua and Xiaoju! I like how Qianhua maintained her stance and loyalty till the very end, I only wish she had a better ending. Xiaoju is such a wonderful friend, better than the so-called best friend Tianxin. I kinda got pissed, when Tianxin and Jianlin kept popping up on the screen. *Confession time* – In the last 2-3 eps, I skipped the scenes with them. I felt it was totally unnecessary for the development of the show. I liked ep 24, although it was purely flashback, the viewers got to see how Helan had always been there. He didn’t just pop up when she was all grown up, did a background check on her and tried to get close to her. Nope, he somehow knew who are parents were, how & when they got married, the hospital and doctor that attended to her delivery were all arranged by him. Qianhua, Xiuxian and Kuanyoung also played their respective roles. Yep, it sounds creepy, but imagine that happening in every lifetime he met her lol! Anyway, I enjoyed it, despite the flaws. I rated it 8.5/10. Oh, I would really have loved one scene with Pipi and Xiaoju in Xiaoju’s restaurant after all that happened, but that didn’t happen.

I will be flying out to Austria this coming Saturday! I’m so excited!!! Goodness, the moment I realise I’ve been counting down till my flight date, I realise just how much I need the escape lol!

Song For The Week

I’m revisiting one of my favourite OSTs, Annual Rings (年轮) by Zhang Bi Chen (张碧晨) from Hua Qian Gu, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Back to the pranangs of My Hero Series……. The fourth arc..

Toey & Eye!!!
They are so cute!!!

Have an awesome week and Happy New Month in advance!!

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