Happy Sunday #293

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I finally finished watching Ode to Joy season 2!!! I love the ending!! I wonder what took me so long to watch the show. I’m so proud of the girls, their characters developed so well over the course of 55 episodes. I rated both seasons 9 out of 10, hence, I highly recommend Ode to Joy. I read the show received some criticism despite its popularity. Anyway, if you haven’t watched OtJ yet, you should give it a shot.

Tomorrow (October 1st) is Nigerian’s Day of Independence and the National Day of the People’s Reüublic of China. In other words, I’ve got another free day hehehe!! I really need more of this 😀 For those observing either of these days, so enjoy your day off.

Song For The Day

I’ll Be Your Reason by Illenium, ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Day

I have not had the opportunity to rave about these two…

Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman in Erkenci Kuş as Can bey & Sanem. 

Their chemistry can set a whole forest on fire, for real!

Have an awesome week!!

P.S – 

P.P.S – Happy Birthday to my lil bro!!Signature

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