Happy Sunday #294

Image For The Week

Neuschwanstein Castle. One of the places on my travel list.

Saying For The Week

“There are some things… and some words… that only exist in the dark…”

Ning Yi (Rise of the Phoenixes)


No variety show this past week… I kept getting distracted by Five Enough (아이가 다섯 aka Five Children) a Korean family drama. This is the first time I’m watching one of these super long family dramas. I tend to stay away from them, the plots are often long-winding and makjang. However, 5E is so fluffy, the main couple is super duper cute, the child actors are pretty amazing and I love the simplicity of the plot. Nevertheless, the drama isn’t devoid of annoying characters. These characters are not only annoying, but they are also ridiculously dense lol! Since it is a family drama, there’s a lot of focus on interactions between in-laws and family members. One funny thing in 5E is everyone seems to be connected one way or others. It even becomes more complicated, when all the families in the show become each other’s in-laws. 

Song For The Week

One Two Song from Five Enough, ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

…. and this goes into my personal collection…

Oguri Shun‘s cameo as Hanzawa Rui in Hana Nochi Hare. I have no idea what HNH is all about, however, I’ve got all the persuasion I need to give this show a shot. If it ain’t good, I just need to FF to the scenes with Oguri Shun lol! #Shallow #SorryNotSorry

Have an awesome week!!

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