Happy Sunday #296

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

These words couldn’t be any truer!!


—-> Checklist and variety show

I can confidently say, I won’t be able to complete my pledges for this year. I’m so far behind on my Goodreads challenge, I feel sorry for myself lol!! Don’t even get me started on variety shows yet… I have lost count of the episodes I’ve missed. However, I started Song Ji Hyo’s Beautiful Life hehehe (don’t judge me :p). I’ve been eying the show for ages. BTW there are so many variety shows, especially Korean shows available on Viki. I guess this should make my variety-show watching time even more frequent and interesting?

I also started Avengers Social Club (부암동 복수자들)!! The ahjummas are really funny and such cowards. They keep talking about taking revenge and they can barely kill a fly lol!! I’m certain with Soo Gyum on board now, they will make proper moves. 

I’m looking forward to 2 new Chinese shows – An Oriental Odyssey (盛唐幻夜), starring Wu Qian (My Amazing Boyfriend), and Zheng Ye Cheng (Let’s Shake It) and Eternal Love 2 (双世宠妃II). I saw the trailer of ET2 and moi is so lost, I have no idea what’s going on lol!! However, the trailer promises a lot of interesting encounters. I watched the first ep of AOO and it looks pretty promising. I checked back today and 6 episodes have been subbed!! The urge to watch just doubled, but goodness, I’ve got so little time… *sighs*

Song For The Week

If We were Destined by Ben, Hwayugi (Korean’s Odyssey) OST, ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Wishing Janie and Mickey a blissful marriage!! She looks so beautiful and happy!!!

Have an awesome week!!

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