K-Releases: November 2017 Singles!


Well, I thought I would be able to post this waaay earlier in the year, but nope. Here we are…. almost one year later.

1. The Rose (더 로즈) –

Like We Used To (좋았는데)







2. VAV

She’s Mine

3. Stella Jang (스텔라장)

치어리더 (Cheerleader) Feat. OllTii

4. Girl’s Day’s Minah

Other Way

5. Woo Won Jae (우원재)

불안 (Anxiety)



6. Sonamoo (소나무)

Happy Box Part.2






7. DAY6 (데이식스)

Every DAY6 November





8. Jeon So Yeon (전소연)



9. Roodatam (루다탐)

Fall’s Coming Feat. David Oh

10. Muzie (뮤지)


11. Urban Zakapa (어반자카파)

그때의 나, 그때의 우리 (When We Were Two)




12. Hwang Chi Yeul (황치열)

되돌리고 싶다 (Rewind)

13. Eddy Kim (에디킴)

Bet on Me

14. G.Urban (지어반)

아는 사람 (Just Friend)

15. Bumzu


16. Big Brother

Don’t You Go Feat. David Oh

17. Mamamoo (마마무)

Taste The Feeling

18. Pentagon (펜타곤)

머물러줘 (Stay With Me)

19. Swings (스윙스)

퇴근 (Clock Out) Feat. Jay Park, Crush

20. BEG’s Miryo (미료)

Dreams (No YT like found)


21. Janis (제니스)

재 (Ash)

22. D.Road (디 로드)

같애 (Same)

23. Espresso (에스프레소)


24. Vanilla Acoustic (바닐라 어쿠스틱)

끝이 아닌 것 같아서 (I Don’t Think It’s The End)

25. LambC (램씨)

Absence (Side C)

26. Yuseol (유설)

Ocean View

27. Kassy (케이시)

이 노랠 들어요 (Listen to this Song)

28. Hoody (후디)

하나만 해 (Can’t Wait)

29. Rhythm Power


30. Hanhae (한해)

보는 눈 Feat. EXID


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