K-Releases: November 2017 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!

Well, I thought I would be able to post this waaay earlier in the year, but nope. Here we are, one year later.


1. BLK

BLK is short for Beyond Limit Key. The group made its debut under BYKING Entertainment. The group consists of 7 members – D.A, Taebin, Sorim, Ilyung, Inno, I, and MingMing. BLK debut with the mini-album Into BLK Part1. ‘I’


2. Fromis_9

Fromis_9 is a 9 member girl group signed under Stone Music Entertainment. Members include – Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nagyung, and Jiheon. The girls made their pre-debut single – 유리구두.


3. 1NB (원앤비)

1NB stands for 1 New Best, another girl group. It consists of 5 members, namely; Shinhye, Jayeon, Leeda, Hajung, and Sojung. The girls made their debut with 쉽지않아 (Where U At?)


4. Blah Blah (블라블라)

Blah Blah consists of 5 female members, who are signed with FAB Entertainment. Members include; Jiwoo, Eunyuri, Hajung, Seolhwa, and Hyoin. Their debut single – 참 잘했어요



1. Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈)

Mixtape – Hellevator


2. Hyeongseop X Euiwoong (형섭X의웅)

눈부시게 찬란한


3. 10cm X EXO’s Chen

SM Station – Bye Babe


4. SHINee’s Taemin

SM Station – Thirsty


5. Yoon Jong Shin X Minseo (윤종신 x 민서)



6. SoYou X Sung Si Kyung (소유X성시경)

뻔한 이별 (I Still)


7. Juncoco x Advanced

SM Station – Atmosphere Feat. Ailee


8. NELL x Groovyroom (넬 x 그루비룸)



9. DK x ZIA



10. D.ear x Jaehyun

SM Station – Try Again


11. Justhis x Paloalto ( (저스디스 & 팔로알토)

Brown Eyes View Feat. Cifika


12. New Kidd’s Lemme Spoil U (뉴키드)

소년이 사랑할 때



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