Happy Sunday #298

Image For The Week

Mongolian headdress from Legend of Ruyi. This ain’t gigantic at all. However, can she work straight?! lol!!

Saying For The Week


Oh goodness, the past 2 weeks have been crazy. From trying to clear my schedule, heading to Sydney for the weekend for a conference and flying back to HK, then prepping for the presentation I have tomorrow. I’ve had a lot on my plate lol!! Since I was in Sydney last weekend, I wasn’t able to make any post.

Sydney was really SO MUCH FUN!!!! I met so many people, and it was simply great getting together with other disciples of International Christian Church from around the globe, especially those based in Sydney. It was a weekend of faith building, encouragement, awesome sermons, and meetings, meeting up with awesome people and just really trying to relax as much as possible. Spending the evening on a cruise ship was one of the best part of the conference. We had a nice dinner buffet, got to see some places and there was A LOT of dancing 😀 and food of course hehehe!!

Despite how crazy the last days have been, I was still able to watch Doctor-X Season 5!! This season is so good!! The plot was more solid and we finally have some doctors, who have got some conscience. They did not succumb to greed and actually, want to save the lives of patients rather than bootlick those in higher positions. It was also pretty emotional *sniffs sniffs*

And of course, as usual I watched a couple of movies on the plane. A total of 6 movies; 2 Hong Kong movies, 2 Chinese movies and 2 Hollywood movies- Love Undercover (1 & 2 – HK), Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly King (CH), Girls vs Gangsters (CH), Ocean 8 (HW), and Murder on the Orient Express (HW). I totally recommend MotOE, a pretty interesting plot. GvsG was pretty ridiculous both in a good and bad way lol!! It stars Janine Chang and Ivy Chen, and it was nice seeing both of them work side by side, but the plot was…. yeah lol! Also, the reference to Descendants of the Sun quickly descended to being really cringy after a while lol! Anyway, let’s just say it was a fun movie to watch. Ocean 8 was also interesting, I liked it!! DD was pretty fun and I got to see both Mark Chao and Lin Geng Xin (real-life best friends) work together. This isn’t their first production together, but this is the first I’m watching. Also, LGX’s character is so different from the role, Yuwen Yue he portrayed in Princess Agents, but the CGI though lol. The first movie of Love Undercover was just too hilarious, I really couldn’t control my laughter on the flight hahaha! However, the sequel was a mess, there was too much going on, but it was still hilarious, so yeah and most importantly, I get to see more of Daniel Wu! Yup, that was pretty important :p

Another awesome news for the weekend, there was another baptism!!! It totally fired everyone up!! This marks another addition to the HKICC family 🙂 🙂

Song For The Week

I’ve been listening to Khalid’s new album, Suncity for days now, both on YouTube and Joox. My favourite is the title track, Suncity Feat. Empress Of, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Ni Ni from The Rise of Phoenixes!
Someone is trying to become one with birds hehehe!
I love this picture from The Rise of the Phoenixes. She looks so cool and manly!!

Have an awesome week and happy Single’s day/Online-shopping day 😀 😀

P.S –


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