Happy Sunday #299

Image For The Week

Gearing up for Christmas season!!

Saying For The Week



—> Checklist and variety shows

I’m more than 2 months behind on both Running Man and 2 Days 1 Night. So, I’m playing catch-up now, working my way through the accumulated episodes. The episode of 2 days 1 night with Shinhwa is incredibly hilarious, I cracked up throughout the whole episodes. Despite, their never-ending streak of bad luck, both teams had so much fun and of course, Shinhwa had loads of airtime hehehe!! I’m on the episode with global viewers, and for the life of me, I still can’t wrap my head around how I missed the announcement for the application. Well, it’s not like I would have sent an application in, however, it would have been nice to see it coming lol! I’m envious of the viewers who got selected, spending the whole day with the whole team must have been so much fun and a dream come through. The viewers are actually pretty amazing, talented and entertaining! So it was so fun watching their interactions with the members.

I’ve still got my Japanese drama groove on. I watched Miss Sherlock (ミス・シャーロック) and followed up with Unnatural (アンナチュラル). Miss Sherlock is pretty interesting, of course, there are some similarities with the British show Sherlock Holmes, but the cases differ. The cases have got Japanese elements to them, hence the Sherlock Holmes story was re-created to fit into the Japanese society. It was also nice to see an all-female main cast; a female Sherlock, Watson, and Moriarty. One thing I wasn’t so happy with was how easily influenced Wato was. Although that fact was alluded to in the earlier episodes. Anyway, it was pretty nice and enjoyed the portrayal of Yuko Takeuchi as Sherlock. Also, there were some nice cameos for each episode. I rated it 8.5 out of 10. Unnatural aired earlier this year. The leas actress Satomi Ishihara won the best actress award for her role in Unnatural. I’ve seen the first 2 eps and it’s pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

Song For The Week

Going old school!!! So Long by Majek Fasek. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Another wedding!!!! Congratulations to Push & Jooy!!! 

They both look so beautiful and happy!!! I wish them all the best!! Jooy’s dress looks so pretty.

I’m so tempted to make a collection of the photos from their wedding hehehe

Have an awesome week!!!

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