Happy Sunday #303

Image For The Week

I really miss having Gluhwein…

Saying For The Week


—> Checklist and variety shows

Now I’m racing against time which is pretty futile lol! I keep taking a look at my drama and Goodreads challenge. I’ll just put it out there, I don’t think I will be able to complete them. Moi will definitely be cutting back next year lol!

I finally got around to finishing Jao Sao Jom Yorm. The only decent character in that show is Kade and Acha lol!! The end was a bit abrupt and Lakorn redemption style. Despite all the danger Bon put Mayasarin through all was forgotten and forgiven in less than 2 mins. All parties involved hugged and cried. I’m totally all for forgiveness but that was just too fast lol! Bon turned around to play the role of big brother to May. Anyway, the show was wrapped up, and everyone lived happily ever after.  The acting and chemistry kinda made up for all the plot holes. I enjoyed watching Love Bipolar, even though it was 4 eps long. I’ve got to applaud Toni’s acting chops, and of course Ploy Cherman was great as usual. I actually want to see them pair up again. Trabab See Chompoo will be ending this week 😦 Pon really did nail his role as Peat despite the ridiculous revenge plot and one more thing, he really does cries so well and beautifully lol! Bua as Kiew doesn’t lose to Pon in crying scenes either. Now that I think about it. There are quite a lot of emotional and crying scenes. I love the development of Kiew’s character in recent episodes. Since Peat won’t re-think his revenge, she has decided to be done with him even though she still loves him. She has tried expressing her feelings to him, but apparently, all of that fell to deaf ears and blind eyes.

I’ve been focused on 2 Days 1 Night recently, I’m dreading ep 249… It is the memorial of Kim Joo Hyuk… So yeah, I’m staring at it from afar lol! I’m back to watching Running Man ^_^ 

Song For The Week

Mariah Careh’s All I Want For Christmas. ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Two of my favourite Asian musicians!!!!

Kookie (Kim Jong Kook) and JJ Lin!!! How did Kookie fit all his muscles in that suit?! lol!!

Have an awesome week!!!

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